Xbox Game Pass Quests undergo more changes for Microsoft Rewards users

Microsoft has made even more changes to Xbox Game Pass Quests. This time, the program has undergone a major refresh, which has left many Rewards users unhappy.

Xbox Game Pass Quests undergo more changes for Microsoft Rewards users
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


Over the past several months, Microsoft has made sweeping changes to Microsoft Rewards by slashing points, introducing cooldowns, and more. Now, Microsoft has made some big adjustments to Xbox Game Pass Quests, which some users are not happy about.

Looking at the latest round of Quests, you'll see that game-specific weekly quests (which were worth 5 and 250 points) are no longer a thing. The other weekly quests (Earn Your Way and Complete Three Daily Quests) have had their points bumped up from 10 apiece to 20.

This is disgusting
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The majority of changes appear to have been made to the monthly Quests. Points for the Quest Completionist task have now been increased to 1,000 compared to 500, and while that sounds great on the surface, Microsoft has also upped its requirements, making it much harder to unlock. To finish this one, you now need to complete 45 daily quests and eight weekly quests — previously, this only required 22 dailies and 12 weeklies. This means you will now need to play a Game Pass game on practically every day of the month and unlock 15 Game Pass achievements.

Quest Beginner has also been changed. Now, the quest is worth 100 points compared to just 25, but its requirements have also increased. To complete Quest Beginner previously, you only needed six dailies and four weekly quests. Now, you have to finish 12 dailies and four weeklies.

Changes have also been made to Quest Dedication. This Quest was worth 100 Rewards points, but now you can nab 500. To do so, you're going to need to complete 22 daily quests and six weeklies — this used to be 12 dailies and eight weeklies.

On average, it looks like you will earn slightly more Rewards points each month with these changes if you complete everything, though it will require considerably more effort and planning to do so.

What do you make of this refresh? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.
Written by Sean Carey
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