Xbox handheld seemingly teased by Phil Spencer

Following numerous rumors, Phil Spencer has spoken more about the possibility of an Xbox handheld, saying he thinks Xbox should have one.

Xbox handheld seemingly teased by Phil Spencer
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


During the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft unveiled three new Xbox consoles, and while it wasn't quite the Xbox handheld reveal we were all hoping for, Phil Spencer has seemingly hinted that a possible portable Xbox console could be in the works, saying "I think we should have a handheld, too."

Phil Spencer: "I think we should have a handheld, too"

Speaking with IGN after the Xbox Games Showcase, Spencer was asked about the rumored Xbox handheld, and while he didn't confirm or deny that an Xbox handheld was in development, he did seemingly drop a lot of hints. "I think we should have a handheld. The future for us in hardware is pretty awesome, and the work that the team is doing around different form factors, different ways to play, I'm incredibly excited about.

"Today was about the games... but we will have a time to come out and talk more about platform, and we can't wait to bring it to you."

When asked if a hypothetical Xbox handheld would be either a cloud-based device or something like a Steam Deck where you can play games natively, Spencer said, "I think being able to play games locally is really important."

Watching the interview, and listening to Spencer, it sounds like there could be something in the works. Hopefully, whatever hardware news Sarah Bond teased for this holiday season will be an Xbox handheld because I can't wait to start popping achievements while on a commute.

In Spencer's interview with IGN, he also spoke about recent Xbox layoffs and studio closures and about more Xbox games heading to other platforms.
Written by Sean Carey
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