New Xbox 'weekly console bonus' offers easy 500 Microsoft Rewards points for some users

Microsoft appears to have made another change to Microsoft Rewards by adding a new Xbox weekly console bonus challenge for some users.

New Xbox 'weekly console bonus' offers easy 500 Microsoft Rewards points for some users
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


Over the past 12 months, news surrounding Microsoft Rewards has been mostly negative, with sweeping cuts and reductions being made to the program. Now, we have some more news: Microsoft has added a new weekly challenge for some Xbox users that allows them to earn an easy 500 Rewards points.

Some Microsoft Rewards users are reporting a new 'Weekly console bonus' challenge in the Xbox app. This new challenge offers a chunky 500 points for playing games (we assume) through Xbox Game Pass on a console across four days of a week, which is pretty generous considering the cuts Microsoft has been making in recent months.

Just saw this pop up.
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From what we can gather, this new bonus is only showing for a limited number of users in the US (us here in the UK at TrueAchievements haven't been blessed by the Rewards gods), and there are reports that for some, this challenge is only worth 250 points instead of the 500, as shown in the image above.

Whether or not this will roll out to more users in other regions remains to be seen, but it's good to see Microsoft experimenting with new ways for Xbox users to earn Rewards points. If Microsoft does roll this out to all users, we'll be sure to update you.

The last big change Microsoft made to the program was to Xbox Game Pass Quests. Microsoft removed the weekly game-specific Quests and made adjustments to many others.

Does this new weekly Xbox bonus show in your Xbox app? Let us know down in the comments if it does and where you're located in the world.
Written by Sean Carey
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