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Days of Arcade

Microsoft has revealed the next six weeks of games coming to Xbox Live Arcade as a part of its Days of Arcade promotion. Starting with Hasbro Family Game Night on Wednesday 18th March, XBLA will see

Posted 10 years ago by Elite Hero

Demos Galore

A slew of demos are hitting the marketplace today. The first two are up now. First up, the game starring Vin Diesel because I'm not going to tell him that he can't be first even if he did have anothe

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo

So I know I spend a lot of time here ripping on movie-licensed games saying I might be interested if someone with a track history of making good games was at the helm like Luxoflux who brought us the

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Assault Dark Athena in the New Demo

Major Nelson announced earlier today that the demo for the new Chronicles of Riddick game is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace (for gold subscribers, at least). The demo is available for fre

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New releases for week of 2nd Mar 2009

Thanks for tuning in this week. Thanks to my coauthor Elite Hero for providing the EU release dates and some game descriptions. Let's kick it off the only way we know how with the XBLA! XBox Live Arc

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EA Sports Hopes to Crash Your Office's NCAA Pool

EA announced today that a downloadable version of NCAA Basketball 09 will be appearing on the Live Marketplace next Wednesday, March 11th. The game will be an XBox exclusive and will cost 1200 points

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Peggle finally coming to XBLA arcade this month

In a press release earlier today, PopCap Games, makers of Peggle, announced that the hit downloadable game would be finally be available for download later this month. We've known about the existence

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

The Bigs gets Sequelized

2K Sports's MLB 2K9 hit stores today and includes a trailer for a sequel to last year's over-the-top arcade-style game, The Bigs. Not many details are revealed in the trailer, not even what platforms

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Xbox live is flaky tonight

Xbox live seems to be very slow tonight, the scanners are being logged out quite regularly. So if you've signed up today, please be patient, I'm hoping they don't change things too much on the site,

Posted 10 years ago by Rich Stone

Girl "Gamers"

Hi, I’m Valentin Seleznyov, and I’m sure that this will maybe alienate a few readers. Those of you that know me can be sure that I probably don’t care. The other day I joined a campaign game of Left

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Gears 2, Title Update 3

Epic is not giving up on fixing their game. This is their third attempt at addressing multiplayer issues that have had gamers screaming at their TV for months. Highlights for the upcoming update incl

Posted 10 years ago by BLYAST

For Sale: Mortal Kombat

According to netDockets, the troubled publisher Midway, who recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy is looking to sell its 20 year old legendary franchise Mortal Kombat in a bid to stay afloat. In w

Posted 10 years ago by Elite Hero

Deal of the Week for March 2-8, 2009

This week's Deal of the Week is Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode, which is discounted by 33%. Instead of the usual 800 MS points, it will only cost gold members 560 points this week. Last week's deal, Br

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

A few mods

I thought it would be good to have a visual representation of your progress in a game, so I've added a gauge which gives you an indication of your progress as a percentage of the Maximum TrueAchievem

Posted 10 years ago by Rich Stone

Rock Band DLC for 3rd of March

This week we will see the full album from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 'Texas Flood'. The tracks will be: Love Struck Baby Pride and Joy Texas Flood Tell Me Rude Mood Testify Mary Had a Litt

Posted 10 years ago by Aeris Gainzbrah

We're a little bit prettier

Thanks to a couple of our members (Aerodynamo and Himself0890), we now have some funky new gradients on our panels, and also a very nice little quote box for your motto - check out your homepage to s

Posted 10 years ago by Rich Stone

Call of Duty: World at War Gets Free Map

A new multiplayer map and free, what's the catch? Well, it's a daytime version of Makin, a night map already in the game. But you can't argue with free content.

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

A Date for Ninja Blade

From software's latest release will be... you know what after Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad, Afro Samurai, X-Blades, and I don't even remember what else, I'm fresh out of swordplay themed verbs to

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Sam & Max Coming to XBLA

Remember three weeks or so ago when TellTale Games announced that Wallace and Gromit were coming to XBLA and we all talked about how cool it would be to see Sam and Max make the jump too since the in

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Call of Duty 4 Double XP Weekend

Activision and Microsoft are offering another double experience points weekend from February 27th to March 1st (Friday-Sunday). Also this week (through March 2nd) the Variety Map Pack is available fo

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

SEGA announces Planet 51

SEGA and Pyro Studios (Commandos, Praetorians) announced today that they will be working together on a game based on the Sony Pictures movie of the same title. The movie is slated for release on Nove

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Activision Picks up Bakugan

Activision announced yesterday that they have purchased the rights to animated series and card game Bakugan. The card game won last year's Toy of the Year Award from The Toy Industry Association. Gam

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Worms Armaggedon Decades Coming To XBLA

With more leaks than Thames Water, the Australian Classification Office has done it again and all but confirmed the release of Worms Armageddon Decade for Xbox Live Arcade. Worms Armageddon was origi

Posted 10 years ago by Elite Hero

Virtual On coming to XBLA

According to Japan’s weekly magazine Famitsu, SEGA have confirmed the re-release of the Dreamcast’s popular hardcore arcade mech fighting game Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. For those of you that have

Posted 10 years ago by Elite Hero

Big Left 4 Dead Fixes Here

Left 4 Dead has finally had several issues fixed in a massive update. Those issues are: General: Fixed Survivors being able to climb surfaces marked for versus infected only Fixed a class of Survivor

Posted 10 years ago by Aeris Gainzbrah

Prince of Persia DLC Pushed Back

Just hours before its scheduled release date Ubisoft have announced in a very brief Twitter update that the 'Epilogue' DLC pack for Prince of Persia is being pushed back a week, making the new releas

Posted 10 years ago by Aeris Gainzbrah

Stefen's first column

Hello and welcome to the first edition of a new regular article - Stefens' Blog (original huh?) First off, I may as well introduce myself so I don't seem like a robot to you all

Posted 10 years ago by SjF

New trailers released today

Singularity is arriving in the fall of this year. Your character is a pilot who crash lands on a Russian island that was home to Philadelphia Experiment type research. So time bubbles cause the islan

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Flock gets a release date

IGN's Greg Miller is reporting that Capcom will be releasing the downloadable sheep-herding game Flock on April 7 on XBLA. Okay, the plot is a little more detailed than that, but how many times have

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken

Faster Leaderboards and Threads

I've added some extra caching code to the site leaderboards. I noticed that it was taking a looooong time to view the boards now there are so many gamers registered. These are all cached for 15 minut

Posted 10 years ago by Rich Stone

XBLA Deal of the Week returns

Deal of the week is back and this week sees 2008's popular xbla title Braid down to 800 Microsoft Points, that’s a third off its original price of 1200 Microsoft Points. To receive this discounted pr

Posted 10 years ago by Elite Hero

Capcom's 'top secret' game is.....

Lost Planet 2. Last week we reported that Capcom were to release a trailer of a top secret new game they were working on. With screams of Megaman, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Dead Rising 2, Dark Void, Dino

Posted 10 years ago by Elite Hero

Gastronaut Studios Acquired and Announces New Game

Gastronaut Studios, developer of XBLA hit Small Arms announced that they are working on a new game titled Gel: Set & Match. Gastronaut Studios is also working on adapting Peggle for XBLA and was a co

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken