TrueAchievements Podcasts

Episode 11
It may be April, but since we had "scheduling conflicts" (*cough, cough* Tie-Tie-Faw *cough, cough*) that stopped us from recording in March, we're officially calling this edition of the TA Podcast, "The Marpril Show".

Gather 'round the old-timey radio (that has somehow been hooked into the interwebs) and listen to TrueAchievement, Matrarch, and I chat/rant about the games that kept us busy over the past two months, the sweetness that is the aforementioned Titanfall (our game of the month), hit a few of the big news items that came through the industry, answer your questions in the TA Mailbag, and chat about our NEW AND IMPROVED Achievement Challenge format.
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