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TGN Episode 6
Welcome to episode six of the TGN podcast. On this week's show, we got the chance to speak to Principle Game Designer, Mike Brown, from Playground Games about Forza Horizon 4's location, the seasons, Horizon stories, the Halo showcase event, choosing the game's soundtrack and much more. Before that, however, Sam, Ollie and I wildly speculate about what we might see at tomorrow's XO18 event. Will we see something from any of the newly acquired studios? Will Crackdown 3 really release in March? Are Ubisoft going to finally reveal a new Splintercell? We don't know, but it's fun to try and put together some of the clues and come up with conclusions!

We also give you the chance to win an Xbox One game code (leave us a comment in the thread below to enter), and answer your questions, including the question of the week.
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