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Episode 14
Greetings, all.

Remember how back in September we promised, nay swore, that we wouldn't wait so long between recording episodes of your favorite podcast (1).

Well, we've failed you. I've failed you. It could have been the distraction of awesome games coming out. It might have been the release of the AMAZING TrueAchievements App. It could be a classic case of too many cooks. Regardless, you've had to wait ENTIRELY too long for a mainline hit of the good stuff (2). We're here to make it all up to you though with a very special podcast. In this month's show, Rich takes time away from his birthday steak to chat us up about the latest with the TA App, Michelle tells us more about, and (after we kick the big man out of the party), the two of us lament the woes of Destiny for the first (but probably not the last) time.

We're also hitting some of the major news stories over the past few weeks, chatting about holiday releases, and generally being cheeky monkeys since Rich left us in charge. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


(1) - ...that is hosted on this website.
(2) - We know you've been itching for it.
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