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Episode 4
In our August show, Dog, Matrarch, and me, osubluejacket, got hot and heavy (seriously, it's disgustingly gross outside and we've all eaten a lot of great barbecue) discussing self publishing on the Xbox One and what its impact on Indies, quarterly business reports from major publishers and what that means to you as gamers, and the biggest gaming news to cross our front page this month. I also stepped up to the plate for my first achievement challenge.

Now I can tell what you're thinking. You're thinking:

But where's TrueAchievement?! I demand his presence or I shan't be listening!
Easy there, enraged gamer. The big man has had a busy month coding our sister site and was unable to join us. This is good news for you, the listener, because when "dad" is away, we "kids" get to play!

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