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By The TA Playlist Team,
While you begin your forays into the Commonwealth in this month’s TA Playlist game, Fallout 4, we must distract your attention from the ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants to get your vote for July's TA Playlist game.

This month, we were able to nail down one of the busiest staff teams on the site and quickly extract nominations from them before they had to get back to work. All of these nominations are from the Site Developers themselves, WebChimp UK, RobboJDA96, and Mr TrueAchievement himself. Now, you may be wondering how we got four game nominations from three people. However, if you check our staff lists, you’ll notice that a fourth team member is listed under the developers. While she may have had some assistance in deciding the game, the fourth nomination was made by company mascot Bonnie the Cavapoo.

Peggle 2

Windy's Master Pack 2

TA founder Rich Stone, aka TrueAchievement, picked 2013’s classic puzzle sequel, Peggle 2. Retaining most of the peg-blasting mechanics from the popular 2009 original, PopCap’s follow up introduced some new masters and was praised for its gameplay and vibrant visual style.

Peggle 2 has a community rating of 3.94/5.00 on TA, having been started by over 138,000 site users and completed by 4% of them, inclusive of the two DLC packs. The main game takes an average of 15-20 hours to complete, and it’s currently available through Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, thanks to EA Play.

Hitman 2

HITMAN 2 screenshot

Hitman 2 is long-standing developer Jack Watling aka WebChimp UK‘s choice. The original HITMAN was one of our early Playlist choices back in January 2018, so we’re overdue featuring the acclaimed sequel. Released in 2018, the game continues the adventures of famed assassin Agent 47 as he hunts the mysterious Shadow Client. He travels to locations ranging from a Miami racetrack to the Mumbai slums to track down his targets and eliminate them in a variety of elaborate ways. Like its predecessor, that game was very well received and, in an unprecedented move, allowed players to replay the first game’s levels in an updated way to incorporate the new game’s improved engine and mechanics. Unusually, all of those levels also feature achievements in the sequel.

Hitman 2 is a very highly rated game on TA with 4.53/5.00. Over 56,000 tracked users have started it but, with so much content, only 1,300 (2%) have completed everything the game has to offer. Although the base game (which acts as a tutorial) only takes 3-4 hours to complete, each main level will take more like 6-8 hours for a total completion estimate of over 60 hours (especially if you do all the original game levels too). Thankfully, we have a very in-depth walkthrough from ASUnknown1 here on TA to help you.


16/06/15 - Screen 4

New site developer Robbie Andrews, aka RobboJDA96, picked highly regarded platformer Unravel. The game features a creature made of yarn, appropriately named Yarny, who explores the memories of an elderly lady by magically entering her old photographs. The game’s mechanics are unique as you must use your own yarn body to swing and climb your way through the environments, tightening and loosening it as you go and avoiding the perils of unravelling completely. Unravel was praised for its visuals and atmosphere, and its popularity led to a co-op based sequel in 2018.

Unravel currently holds a decent score of 3.99/5.00 on TA. It’s available in Xbox Game Pass through EA Play and has been started by over 108,000 users and completed by 5,000 (5%). The completion is expected to take 12-15 hours, and we have a walkthrough from UnsungGhost on site.

Fable III

Screen 1

The final choice for next month comes from TA mascot, Bonnie the Cavapoo. So naturally, she wanted a game that prominently featured a canine companion and Fable III fit the bill perfectly, especially as we had the predecessor as our monthly game back in 2018. The third game in the renowned series from Lionhead Studios was released in 2010 and continues the epic story of the world of Albion. In the action-RPG, you step into the shoes of the child of the previous entry’s protagonist, get into a spot of bother with your older brother (the King) and spark a revolution. The game continued the series tradition of a rich world full of humour and enigmatic characters, and yes, like the second game, there’s a canine companion who helps you on your journey. Unfortunately, this was the last main entry in the series until the recently announced reboot coming in the near future from Playground Games.

Fable III currently has a rating of 3.8 out of 5.00 here on TA. Thanks to the series popularity and being the first-ever Games with Gold title, a huge 300,000 tracked gamers have started it, and over 8,000 have completed it. There’s a single achievement-carrying DLC pack, which has now been made free. The game is expected to take 25-30 hours to complete, and there’s a walkthrough on-site, courtesy of Layth DireBeard.

One of these four games, chosen by our lovely dev team, will be the TA Playlist game for July. Choose wisely. They have a lot of power around here...
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  • Hitman 226.47% (428)
  • Unravel25.79% (417)
  • Fable 331.05% (502)
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The TA Playlist Team
Written by The TA Playlist Team
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