Game of the Year 2022 voting round 3: Vampire Survivors vs. Tunic

By Luke Albigés,

Back to the Game of the Year 2022 bracket we go, as the enthralling chaos of Vampire Survivors takes on the mysterious adventure that is Tunic — which will win the first big indie clash of the contest?

The TrueAchievements Game of the Year bracket returns for 2022, with 32 more challengers competing for your votes throughout December. Yes, we also expect to see Elden Ring do quite well here, but last year saw a few upsets on the way to the finals, so there are bound to be some more exciting clashes along the way! Following feedback from last year's bracket, we've made a few changes for the 2022 edition. While the top games were still picked using TA user ratings, we've opted for more traditional seeding this time around, at least for the first 28 of the 32 games in contention — the final four slots in the last two rounds are currently reserved for a few of December's releases so folks have a chance to play them before voting, although there are replacements eagerly waiting in the wings should any of the December releases turn out to not be deserving of a place on this list, so those are subject to change at this time.

game of the year 2022 vote round 3

In addition, we've made the decision to disqualify remakes and remasters from the running this year based on feedback on many of the rounds last year. We've also left out anything that launched into beta or early access (sorry, MultiVersus) and anything that arrived late on Xbox in 2022 having released in a previous year on other platforms, although games that hit full 1.0 release this year are considered to be 2022 releases so a few such games have found their way onto the shortlist. As a result, this year's bracket runs a varied spread of triple-A heavy hitters, indie darlings, some of the best games on Game Pass, and everything between, so be sure to root for your favourites! Scroll down to see the full bracket for the opening round and for the poll itself, and let us know in the comments why you've backed your chosen game. And don't worry... there will still be a more traditional all-in-one vote later in the month — this format just happened to be a lot of fun last year, so we're glad to be running it again as an alternative, and it'll be interesting to compare results at the end of it all. May the best game win!

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements. There's no place where to hide, all you can do is try to survive a cursed night and get as much gold as possible for the next survivor, before Death inevitably puts an end to your struggles.


Explore a land filled with lost legends, ancient powers, and ferocious monsters in TUNIC, an isometric action game about a small fox on a big adventure. Stranded in a ruined land, and armed with only your own curiosity, you will confront colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel long-lost secrets.

Stories say that a great treasure is hidden somewhere in this land. Perhaps it lies beyond the golden door? Or somewhere deep beneath the earth? Some tales tell of a palace high above the clouds, and of ancient beings with incredible power. What will you find?

During your travels, you’ll reconstruct the game’s Instruction Manual. Page by page, you’ll reveal maps, tips, special techniques, and the deepest of secrets. If you find every last one, maybe something good will happen...

Dive into varied, technical combat. Dodge, block, parry, and strike! Learn how to conquer a wide cast of monsters, big and small — and discover useful new items to help you on your way.


Explore a land filled with lost legends, ancient powers, and ferocious monsters in TUNIC, an isometric action game about a small fox on a big adventure.

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Game of the Year 2022 voting round 3: Vampire Survivors vs. Tunic
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