Map: Drydock

The weathered carcass of this container ship now provides shelter for a group that has colonized the surrounding area. Controlling the raised platforms of the ship will enable powerful support play - but this vessel is large and difficult to control alone.
Map: Drydock screenshot

Set Price Tracking

Regional PricesPrice History
Region Current price Lowest price
United StatesUnited States $4.99 $4.49-10%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom £3.99 £3.77-6%
EuropeEurope €5.07 €4.49-11%
AustraliaAustralia $7.95 $6.70-16%
CanadaCanada $5.99 $5.84-3%
BrazilBrazil R$18.02 R$16.21-10%

Additional Information

  • Release date November 8th 2016
  • Install size of 10MB