FAR CRY 4 Hurk Deluxe Pack

If you own the FAR CRY 4 Season Pass, DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again. FAR CRY 4 game required; sold separately. Xbox LIVE free membership required. The Hurk Deluxe Pack contains: 5 Missions: - Hurk's Redemption: Save Hurk from imprisonment in 3 action-packed single-player missions - Blood Ruby Mission: Pagan Min's forces have discovered a rare gemstone, the Blood Ruby. Head for the mine and recover the stone. - Yak Farm Mission: Save a Yak farm from a raid by Pagan Min's forces 5 Weapons: - Harpoon Gun "The Impaler" - Arena Machete - Driller PKM Gun - Sandman 1911 Pistol - Elephant Double-Barrel Rifle
FAR CRY 4 Hurk Deluxe Pack screenshot

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United StatesUnited States $7.49 $2.99-60%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom £5.99 £2.39-60%
EuropeEurope €7.49 €2.99-60%
AustraliaAustralia $9.95 $3.98-60%
CanadaCanada $7.49 $2.99-60%
BrazilBrazil R$15.00 R$6.00-60%

Additional Information

  • Release date January 27th 2015