Rodeo Pirate Pack

Yeehaw, matey! The Rodeo Pirate Pack is a treasure chest of awesome filled to the brim for you swashbuckling prairie-riders. It features fully themed Cowboy and Pirate costumes (for both Bats and Jokerz!), the Boarding Party (a parrot-launching hand-cannon), the Conch support item, a Pirate voice, the Rummy fun fact, and a Pizza paint job for all your weapons. Giddy-up, me hearties! Yee-harrrr!
Rodeo Pirate Pack screenshot

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Regional Prices
Region Current price
United StatesUnited States $4.99
United KingdomUnited Kingdom £3.39
EuropeEurope €4.79
AustraliaAustralia $4.95
CanadaCanada $4.99

Additional Information

  • Release date April 25th 2012