Ghost Recon® Wildlands - Deluxe Pack

Dominate the Bolivian Wildlands with the Deluxe Pack which includes:
- The Wilderness Rifle: A unique Shotgun with an engraved finish.
- The Huntsman motorbike: An exclusive dirt bike allowing you to go everywhere in the Wildlands
- 3 Exclusive Gear Patches.
- 3 Exclusive weapon camo to help you blend in the environment.
- 3 Exclusive character customization items: The Light Hunting Jacket, The Sapper Backpack and the Oakley SI Straight Jacket Fire glasses.
- 1 XP booster.
Ghost Recon® Wildlands - Deluxe Pack screenshot

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United StatesUnited States $9.99 $4.00-60%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom £7.99 £3.20-60%
EuropeEurope €9.99 €4.00-60%
AustraliaAustralia $14.95 $5.98-60%
CanadaCanada $13.49 $5.40-60%
BrazilBrazil R$20.00 R$8.00-60%

Additional Information

  • Release date March 7th 2017
  • Install size of 10MB