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Project CARS 2 Season Pass owners will receive a spectacular bonus pack containing 4 enthralling racing cars curated from 40 years of motoring history: - The 1974 E-Type V12, Group 44—beauty, speed, and an absolute motoring icon. - The Panoz Esperante GTR-1—a ’90s GT stalwart. - Audi's 1991 V8 DTM—a DTM legend with 460hp @ 9,500RPM - Opel's latest, 2016’s Astra TCR—a 300hp Touring Car monster.

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Included in
Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Bundle

Pre-order now to get the Japanese Cars Bonus Pack containing 4 legendary racing machines from Nissan and Honda, plus unique racing liveries. Take your ultimate driver journey to the max. Grab the Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition and get access to the full game, Season Pass, and all bonus content including new cars, tracks, events, liveries.

Project CARS 2 Season Pass

Experience the ultimate driver journey with the Project CARS 2 Season Pass that gives you all 4 DLCs plus your Motorsport Bonus Pack, all at a discounted price. Project CARS 2 game required; sold separately.

Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition

Complete your ultimate driver journey with the Deluxe Edition and enjoy: the full game, the Season Pass (all 4 DLCs with new cars, tracks, and more), plus the Motorsport Bonus Pack, at a discounted price.

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Project CARS 2

THE ULTIMATE DRIVER JOURNEY Project CARS 2 is the thrill of intense racing action in beautiful cars at stunning venues. Authentic and intuitive handling, truly dynamic weather, and a wealth of game modes delivers racing fun for everyone.