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SONIC FORCES Pre-order Unlock Key
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Platform Xbox One
Discovered 18 Sep 2017
Last check 13 Dec 2018
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Release date 31 Dec 2799

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Fight through a world destroyed by Dr. Eggman and a powerful new villain in SONIC FORCES, the new fast-paced action platformer from the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. SONIC FORCES lets you speed through rolling ruined landscapes as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and use powerful new gadgets as your own Custom Hero Character.


Accessorize your custom character, matching characters from some of your favorite SEGA games. You'll have the coolest looking custom character around, with the character costumes from three games: Jet Set Radio™, NiGHTS™, and Super Monkey Ball™, plus a hat from PuyoPuyo™!


Get the EPISODE SHADOW DLC now to uncover the untold story of the new villain, Infinite, and rediscover three updated stages playing as Shadow. Plus, this lets you use Shadow as a playable character in over 10 Modern Sonic based stages!


Get this DLC now to accessorize your custom character like Shadow the Hedgehog, the iconic anti-hero. Your custom character will speed across stages looking fierce and fiery as Shadow! There are three color variations in total.