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Where Are My Friends?
Type Game
Publisher Sometimes You
Developer Beard Games Studio + Sometimes You
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 06 Mar 2018
Last check 14 Dec 2018
Last on sale 10 Jul 2018
Release date 21 Mar 2018

Eye on the ball names Wheye had come to the planet where his friends studied local species. His friends went missing, the planet is about to blow and only Wheye can save everyone. He will have to face different trials on his own. Features: - 4 DIFFERENT GENRES IN ONE GAME! Every level is a separate genre: runner, metroidvania, point'n'click quest and puzzle-platformer. - GAME WITHOUT WORDS The plot will be understandible to each one of you, since the story is told without using a single word. - UNIQUE VISUAL STYLE OF EACH LEVEL Colorful graphics created using different tools - from hand drawing to CG flat-design. - ATMOSPHERIC SOUNDTRACK Original music which builds up enjoyment received from playing the game.

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United Kingdom £4.79 £1.43 View
Europe €5.99 €1.79 View
Australia $9.05 View
Canada $5.99 $1.79 View
Brazil R$12.00 R$3.60 View
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