State of Decay 2: Prepper's Pack

The Prepper's Pack contains:
Melee Weapon - Grasscutter: It may not be an immortal blade from ancient history, but it sure slices through zombies as if it were.
Vehicle - Rhames V (Tiger Claw paint job): A modern truck with a custom paint job.

• Materials - Rucksack of materials. Used for building up and maintaining your base.
• Food - Rucksack of food. Used for feeding your Survivors.
• Skill Book: Gardening - Teaches one of your Survivors the basic Gardening skill. Requires an empty skill slot.
• Facility Mod: Garden Tools - An array of pro-grade cultivation tools. Install this mod in a Garden or Farm to increase your yield.
• 2x 7-slot Backpack
• 25x Boxes of Seeds - Used for upgrading gardens and farms, as well as for boosting their yields.
• 6x Molotovs - This improvised incendiary bursts on contact, creating a moderate-sized area of burning death.

Use your radio commands to call in your rewards!


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