The Crucible

In this mighty morsel of digital wonderment, competitors can expect to receive a truly earth-shattering experience: The Crucible!
A legendary challenge whispered with reverence across the universe. Not even the Creator could have envisioned such glorious spectacle as that which is found in this fabled arena.
• 101 Waves of grueling combat, fit only for the toughest and most steadfast of warriors.
• New armor sets to don as proof of your superiority.
• New Enchantments never seen until now.
• Rare crafting materials to improve your weapons and enhancements.

All provided by the generous, steady hand of the Crucible’s Overseer. That’s right, it is I! Targon! Founder of this stupendous arena, and the only one ever to conquer it. So what say you, challenger? Do you have what it takes to surpass me?
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Set Price Tracking

Regional PricesPrice History
Region Current price Lowest price
United StatesUnited States $6.99 $2.09-70%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom £5.99 £1.79-70%
EuropeEurope €6.99 €2.09-70%
AustraliaAustralia $9.95 $2.98-70%
CanadaCanada $8.99 $2.69-70%
BrazilBrazil R$24.00 R$7.20-70%

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Included Achievements

1-2 hours

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