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For Honor Marching Fire Expansion
Type Bundle
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 23 Aug 2018
Last check 12 Aug 2020
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The Wu Lin faction comes to For Honor®! Get instant access to four new heroes from the Far East: The Tiandi, the Shaolin, the Jiang Jun, and the Nuxia. The expansion also includes the new Arcade Mode, an endless PvE experience playable solo or with a friend. Get instant access to a fourth faction of warriors – The Wu Lin, featuring four new heroes from the Far East. Conquer Ashfeld as The Tiandi, wield the mighty guandao as the Jiang Jun, master the hook swords of the Nuxia, and outplay rivals as the nimble Shaolin. The new Arcade Mode offers an endless solo or co-op battle experience, with all progression carried over to multiplayer. With For Honor® Marching Fire, all players will have access to Breach, a new strategic 4v4 PvP mode where you'll attack and defend a castle. With For Honor® Marching Fire, all players will get closer to the action than ever before with significant graphical enhancements for the full game. Pre-Order now for the Wu Lin Elite Pack. Includes 1 Elite Outfit + 1 Ornament for all Wu Lin Heroes instantly, valued at 28,000 Steel.

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