Bonus Content for State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack

Daybreak Pack introduces a brand-new game mode of co-op siege defense to State of Decay 2. You and up to three teammates play Red Talon soldiers armed with high-end weaponry. Together, you must defend your fortified position against waves of oncoming zombies, while a vulnerable technician repairs a critical satellite relay. The longer you last, the more rewards you earn for your home community of survivors - just be sure to protect the technician at all costs!

Along the way, you'll receive regular supply drops of even more powerful weapons and gear, allowing you to unleash increasingly blistering firepower against the zeds. And if you die, no problem... you'll be back in action seconds later with a new volunteer.

*Brand new way to play State of Decay 2 with up to 3 of your friends
*Exciting variation on the classic "zombie siege" story.
*Introducing new weapons, new gear, and a horrific new blood plague juggernaut
*Earn prestige that unlocks rewards for your State of Decay 2 community.
* Includes over two dozen new achievements for State of Decay 2, worth 250 Gamerscore.
*No risk to your existing community of survivors.
*Reintroduces the mysterious CLEO drone network that first appeared in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition.

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Online co-opOnline multiplayer with Xbox Live gold

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  • Release date September 12th 2018