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HITMAN™ 2 - Expansion Pass
Type Bundle
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer IO Interactive A/S
Discovered 27 Oct 2018
Last check 08 Dec 2021
Last on sale 12 Oct 2021
Release date 13 Nov 2018

Expand your HITMAN 2 experience with the Expansion Pass and get immediate access to new sandbox locations, Sniper Assassin maps, Special Assignments and customisation packs.

All content from the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass is available now!
• Two new sandbox locations: New York (The Bank) and Haven Island (The Resort)
• Two new Sniper Assassin Maps: Hantu Port and Siberia
• Four new Special Assignments
• Winter Sports Pack, includes a suit and four items.
• Smart Casual Pack, includes a new suit and two items

Requires the full version of HITMAN 2.

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HITMAN™ 2 - Siberia

HITMAN 2 - Siberia is a new Sniper Assassin map that takes you to a secluded and snowcovered prison facility in Northern Russia. Equip your rifle, eliminate your targets and start a prison riot to cover your tracks! Included in Expansion Pass. Requires the full version of HITMAN 2.

HITMAN™ 2 - Smart Casual Pack

Up your fashion game with the HITMAN 2 Smart Casual Pack! Get immediate access to a new suit for Agent 47 and add 2 new items to your inventory that can be used in all HITMAN 2 locations. Requires HITMAN 2. Included in the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass.

HITMAN 2 – Special Assignments Pack 2

Travel to Miami and Whittleton Creek in two new Special Assignments that are set aside from the HITMAN 2 main story. The missions included in this pack, 'A Silver Tongue' and 'A Bitter Pill', are directly connected to each other and offer new targets and gameplay opportunities.

HITMAN 2 – Haven Island

HITMAN 2 – Haven Island takes Agent 47 to the tropical paradise of the Maldives for the first time ever, where he must continue his search for the partners of Providence. Haven Island is an exclusive and luxurious location that hides many secrets.


Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™ 2. From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world's most creative assassin, Agent 47 in the ultimate spy thriller story.

HITMAN™ Sniper Assassin

HITMAN Sniper Assassin is a stand-alone experience that embraces the core elements of a HITMAN game, as seen through the sniper scope of Agent 47. You choose how and when to manipulate your environment and eliminate your targets to earn the highest score on the leaderboards. Play alone or through online co-op with a friend.

Diesel Pre-Order Unlock Key

Diesel Pre-Order Unlock Key