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HITMAN - GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade
Type Bundle
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer IO Interactive A/S
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 08 Nov 2018
Last check 24 Jan 2019
Last on sale -
Release date 13 Nov 2018

Upgrade your HITMAN™ Legacy Pack to the GOTY Legacy Pack. The Legacy Pack GOTY Upgrade includes: - "Patient Zero" Bonus campaign featuring 4 extra missions - 3 Themed Escalation Contracts - 3 Outfits - 3 Weapons Enjoy all the remastered features of HITMAN™ 2, within Season 1 content. Items unlocked from HITMAN™ 2 content can be used in Season 1 locations and vice versa.

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HITMAN - GOTY Outfit Pack - Clown

Includes the Clown Outfit.

HITMAN - GOTY Outfit Pack - Raven

Includes the Raven Outfit.

HITMAN - Bonus Campaign: Patient Zero

Patient Zero Bonus Campaign includes 4 new missions.

HITMAN - GOTY Outfit Pack - Cowboy

Includes the Cowboy Outfit.