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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Type Add-on
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 04 Dec 2014
Last check 24 Mar 2019
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Release date 04 Dec 2014

When an evil awakens in Sky City Tokyo, it falls to a Dragon Ninja to confront it! This challenge will be intense, with a multi-level playfield, three lightning-quick ramps, hidden sinkholes, and tricky platform jumps standing in the way. Flashy animations and effects unlike anything you've ever seen on a pinball table bring the thrill of ninja combat to life! Table features: - Light up the playfield by playing with Ryu and his sexy teammates: Ayane, Momiji and Rachel! - Chaos breaks loose in 5 different multiball game modes: Ultimate Technique, Karma Challenge, Rachel's Frenzy and Alexei Multiball - Confront Genshin, leader of the Black Spider clan! - Collect the Crystal Skulls hidden in the game modes across multiple plays to earn a special Trophy!

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