War Thunder - AMX-30 and IAR 316B Bundle

This pack includes:

AMX-30 (Rank 5 France);
IAR 316B (Rank 5 France);
Premium account for 30 days;
4000 Golden Eagles.

The focus in AMX-30 development was placed on two factors that were decisive in the field – mobility and armament. The tank’s powertrain was a 700 hp HS-110 engine, which allowed it to reach speeds comparable to those of light tanks – 65 km/h on the highway and 40 km/h off-road. Its main armament was the CN-105-F1, a 105 mm gun with fixed ammunition and a complement of 50 shells, also a 12,7 mm paired machine gun was installed in the turret of this particular modification. Although the tank’s defenses were considered secondary, it is far from deprived of armour – it has rolled and cast armour plates reaching thicknesses of 80 mm with significant clean angles.

From the early 70s the Romanian company Industria Aeronautică Română (IAR) bagan the licensed production of French utility helicopters SA.316B Alouette III designated as IAR 316B. Altogether 250 aircrafts were produced, half of which served in the Romanian Forces . Lightweight and very maneuverable aircraft is still in the service of the Romanian Air Force. The armament of IAR 316B consists of 6 ATGM Malyutka, two 7.62 mm machine guns and 57 mm rockets LPR-57.

All premium vehicles allow you to earn increased Research Points and Silver Lions for each battle and comes furnished with all available modifications.

With a Premium account (also purchasable in the game for Golden Eagles) you will earn more Research Points and Silver Lions during each battle for a set amount of days. This is cumulative with bonuses from premium vehicles!
War Thunder - AMX-30 and IAR 316B Bundle screenshot

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  • Release date March 12th 2019