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Fishing Planet
Type Game
Publisher Fishing Planet LLC
Developer Fishing Planet LLC
Platform Xbox OneWindows
Discovered 10 Jul 2019
Last check 29 Oct 2020
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Release date 10 Jul 2019

Fishing Planet® is a unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator developed by avid fishing enthusiasts for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual angling! Choose your lures, make your trophy catches, discover new possibilities and sharpen your real angling skills anywhere, anytime with your friends!

The game is FREE to play and just a download away!

Fishing Planet® isn’t just another game about fishing. Stunning eye-candy graphics, superb hydro and aerodynamics, realistic tackle behavior and damage based on actual simulation physics and, most importantly, fish with artificial intelligence for completely lifelike behavior make this a true-to-life fishing simulator that can help you improve your actual angling skills!

The combination of unique graphics, realistic game physics and sophisticated AI will bring the realistic world of fishing directly to your screen!

What makes us different:
* Complex AI system for fish behavior that correlates with seasonal and climatic change, time of day, speed of water current, bottom contour and type (color and structure), water and air temperature, wind, etc. Biting/striking reactions for each fish species are completely realistic and natural as well as specifics of lure attacks.
* Photorealistic graphics – using latest high-end tools for ultimate photo-realism: photogrammetry, all waterways are based on real location.
* Unique system of game physics and realistic tackle damage – rods, lines and reels break according to their actual individual characteristics. Realistic aero and hydrodynamic environment for lures and retrieves.
* Dynamic water graphics – splashes, waves and ripples on the water create a fully realistic fishing atmosphere.
* Weather – change of conditions depending on location, season and time of day. Possibility of sudden rain or sunshine breaking through the clouds.

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Pro Angler Sport Bundle

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Fishing Planet: Lucky Bundle

New to Fishing Planet and can't wait to get access to new fishing destinations? Yup, it’s possible RIGHT NOW with this amazing Fishing Planet Lucky Bundle! The goodies in this exclusive Lucky Bundle for our new Fishing Planet friends include Lucky Start Pack and Golden Dragon Pack.

Fishing Planet: Ultimate Sport Bundle

Don’t miss ULTIMATE SPORT BUNDLE! You heard right, kids: it’s a full pack of all PRO sportfishing tackle imaginable and we’re gonna hook you up with an absolute steal-deal! Casting, bottom, carp, spinning, float, feeder, trout or ultralight - you name it...whatever the feat may be - this is one mega kick-ass sportfishing solution!

Fishing Planet: Big Holiday Bundle

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Sport Casting Bass Pack

Sport Casting Bass Pack is just what you need to come out a winner in any tournament or competition that involves catching some mighty Bass!

Sport Float Pack

Sport Float Pack is an awesome set of all the sportfishing goodies and tackle you might need if you plan to kick some ass in a float fishing competition! Perfectly matched and balanced for catching underwater monsters like Catfish, Pike or Trout.

Sport Heavy Casting Pack

Sport Heavy Casting Pack was created to satisfy a real competitor’s need for some really powerful fishing goodies in any sportfishing competition that involves using heavy casting tackle when going after fish like Atlantic Salmon and other huge monsters!

Sport Outfit Pack

Sport Outfit Pack is a set of stylish sporty outfits and accessories to accentuate your brand new Sports Edition fishing tackle!

Sport Spinning Trout Pack

Sport Spinning Trout Pack is a true champion’s choice when it comes to any tournament or competition that involves catching some mighty Trout!

Sport Topwater Night Pack

Sport Topwater Night Pack contains all the top-notch sport edition tackle for the most visual and emotional topwater & night fishing adventures! Confront those scaly underwater adversaries and the challenges of pro-style fishing with the right weapons at hand!

Sport Ultralight Panfish Pack

Sport Ultralight Panfish Pack is a unique set of premium ultralight sportfishing tackle that was meticulously pieced together to maximize you chances of winning in any ultralight fishing competition!

Fishing Planet: Christmas Magic Pack

Christmas fishing is like a fairytale for grown-ups! Especially this year, with magical fishy anomalies lurking in the depth of icy waters. But don’t let the cute and fluffy exterior of these beasts fool you - Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout are some of the toughest underwater rebels you’ve ever encountered and dealing with these adorable monsters is a handful! Rest assured, magic won’t help you here. But your skills and some powerful tackle will!

Fishing Planet: Santa's Kayak Pack

The best goodie in this giftbox is a collectible Christmas kayak, decorated to look like a real Santa's Sleigh! But that’s not all! Just the killer set you need to get maximum fun out of this Holiday Season’s boat fishing and enjoy angling cool creatures like Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout!