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Awesome Zombie Games Bundle
Type Bundle
Publisher Awesome Games Studio Sp. z o.o.
Developer Awesome Games Studio Sp. z o.o.
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 05 Dec 2019
Last check 24 Feb 2020
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Release date 13 Dec 2019

This bundle contains both zombie games made by Awesome Games Studio. Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is all about defending yourself against hordes of darkness attacking you every single night. You know this is a lost cause, enemy forces are overwhelming and sooner or later your time will come. So, if you gonna go, do it with style, and pave yourself through piles of fallen monsters before they squash you! There’s just one thing that matters - how long can YOU survive? In I, Zombie you play as the leader of a zombie horde and your goal is to infect all humans on the map. Whenever you infect a human you turn him into a one of your kind and you can use him against armed soldiers. You’re also able to command your horde to either attack the enemies, follow you or wait for orders. Each scenario requires tactical approach and careful planning to achieve success.

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I, Zombie

Quite a different zombie game - this time YOU are the zombie! Command your infected comrades, fight your way to freedom and let the zombie kind dominate the world!

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is a top-down zombie shooter with tower defense elements, featuring up to 4 players local and online co-op. Build your base by day, defend it by night, put your skills to the test and stay alive as long as you can!