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Endless Legend
Type Game
Publisher SEGA Europe Ltd
Developer Amplitude
Discovered 12 May 2020
Last check 29 Nov 2021
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Release date 12 May 2020

Another sunrise, another day of toil. Food must be grown, industries built, science and magic advanced, and wealth collected. Urgency drives these simple efforts, however, for your planet holds a history of unexplained apocalypse, and the winter you just survived was the worst on record. A fact that has also been true for the previous five.

As you discover the lost secrets of your world and the mysteries of the legends and ruins that exist as much in reality as in rumor, you will come to see that you are not alone. Other peoples also struggle to survive, to grow, and perhaps even to conquer.

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Endless Legend - Shadows

This major addition to the game content includes the long-awaited espionage system (spying, infiltration and pillaging). It also includes an entire Major Faction, the Forgotten, whose gameplay is based on espionage.

Endless Legend - The Lost Tales

Find the answers to these questions, and learn more about the minor factions that might help your Empire reach supremacy.

Endless Legend - Echoes of Auriga

In addition to the new tracks, this additional content gives you access to 9 exclusive hero items such as the 'Drum of Gios', the 'Ring of Magesong' or the mighty 'Harp of Noby Fly'.

Endless Legend - Tempest

This expansion also includes more than 50 new quests, over 60 new special items and 4 new music tracks produced by FlybyNo!

Endless Legend – Symbiosis

New Gigantic Units: The Urkans Urkans are massive beasts that appear randomly around the map taking control of neutral land. To tame the creature, empires will have to bribe or defeat them in battle alongside their minions. Taming an Urkan unlocks a new set of unique abilities that is suited for both defensive and aggressive playstyles.

Endless Legend - Shifters

NEW ITEMS Pearls are powerful, but also strange, fragile, and easily marred. To craft with them requires a high level of skill and great humility. Powerful new items can now be crafted with Pearls such as the ‘Cuirass of the Snows’, which mitigates Winter’s negative effects, or the ‘Band of Auriga’s Chosen’, which allows troops to move faster on frozen grounds.

Endless Legend - Inferno

In addition to the new tiles and the “Volcanic” terrain type, volcanic biomes also contain active volcanoes that spew rivers of hot, hot lava! Although they don’t add any food, the free energy from these rivers adds to the industry output of the tiles.

Endless Legend - Guardians

Compete with the other Empires to build up to five Legendary Buildings. Gain powerful City Improvements that boost resources outputs, Approval or Influence. Unique buildings also allow further customization of Empires by unlocking specialized city improvements which are designed to support progression toward specific victory conditions.