Best price for For Honor Y4S2 Battle Pass on Xbox One

For Honor Y4S2 Battle Pass
Type Add-on
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 10 Jun 2020
Last check 12 Aug 2020
Last on sale -
Release date 11 Jun 2020

Be prepared to rule the battlefield! The Y4S2 Battle Pass includes the following rewards for 26 heroes: - 1 Execution (one per hero) - 1 Weapon Set (one per hero) - 1 Emote (one per hero) - 2 Battle Outfits (one per hero) - 1 Effect (Idle/Emote/Execution per hero) - Color Swatches, Paint Patterns, Symbols, Embossings, Emblem Customization - a 10% Bonus in Battle Points earned through completed matches - and so much more! For Honor Y4S2 Battle Pass offer does not add any new benefits to the game if you already own the Y4S2 Battle Bundle. For Honor Y4S2 Battle Pass is available until September 15, 2020 For Honor Y4S2 Battle Pass is not eligible for refund. 

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