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Endless Space 2: Deluxe Edition
Type Game
Publisher Amplitude STUDIOS
Platform Windows
Discovered 30 Jun 2020
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Release date 09 Jul 2020

Endless Space 2 is a Strategic Space Opera set in a mysterious universe. Your story unfolds in a galaxy that was first colonized by God-like beings known as the “Endless”, who rose and fell eons ago. All that remains of them are mystical ruins, powerful artifacts, and a strange, near-magical substance known as Dust. Endless Space 2 takes the classic “one more turn” formula to new heights. You will explore mysterious star systems, discover the secrets of ancient races, build colonies on distant planets, exploit trade routes, develop advanced technologies of unthinkable power, and, of course, encounter new life forms to understand, to court or to conquer.

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Endless Space 2: Lost Symphony

Soundtrack Addition 1 - Boltzmann Brains 2 - Light Curve 3 - Lost Cities 4 - Forgotten Moon 5 - Flat Geometry 6 - Digital Minds 7 - Unstable Molecule New Minor Faction: Harmony The Harmony are galactic travelers, seeking energies and resonances. Sensing the waves and movements in the galaxy, they excel at exploiting many types of resources.

Endless Space 2: Untold Tales

The Endless galaxy might be governed by a few powerful forces, but it is still inhabited by masses of minority races, with their own history, heroes and purpose. In Endless Space 2: Untold Tales, uncover hidden secrets, intriguing stories and endearing characters scattered across your Empire.

Endless Space 2: Supremacy

Endless Space 2: Supremacy introduces the Hissho Major Faction to the game, as well as a new massive galactic platform available to all Factions: the Behemoth Ship.

Endless Space 2: Penumbra

Endless Space 2 – Penumbra introduces the long-awaited hacking feature, invisibility and the community-created faction: the Umbral Choir.

Endless Space 2: Awakening

Endless Space 2: Awakening introduces the Nakalim playable Major faction as well as the Academy Empire. You will now be able to interact and negotiate directly with Isyander. As his grand plan begins to unfold and rumors of the Lost begin to circulate, the Academy is set to take a more active role in the future of the galaxy.

Endless Space 2: Harmonic Memories

More than 6 years have passed since the release of the first Endless Space... FlybyNo, in pure madness, decided to delve into the archives and remaster his favorite songs from the game that made what Amplitude Studios is today! This add-on also features the arrival of a new Harmony Hero: FES2 Reflects.

Endless Space 2: Celestial Worlds

Endless Space 2 - Celestial Worlds brings an epic multiple ending questline of 14 chapters, 2 new Unique Planets, 6 new Weapon Modules and 8 new Empire Improvements!

Endless Space 2: the Vaulters.

Content Summary Vaulters major civilization Sister of Mercy Minor Faction Vaulters heroes Vaulters special node Vaulters main quest Pirate Diplomacy Opbot (hero) Exotic ship modules Additional Deeds 4 exploration quests