Homefront: The Revolution Closed Beta

Homefront: The Revolution Closed Beta to get an exclusive early look at Resistance Mode - our thrilling four-player co-operative experience!

Customise your freedom fighter, form a Resistance Cell with your friends, and wage guerrilla warfare against the military might of the KPA in tense, narrative driven scenarios. You'll cast off your civilian life and become a battle-hardened guerilla soldier, earning notoriety as a Hero of the Revolution...

This Beta represents work-in-progress game development, and is not representative of final quality or feature set. It is a critical part of the development process for Dambuster Studios as we iron out any technical issues and further balance and refine the gameplay expereience.

We really need you to help us make it even better, and we encourage your feedback in the Community Forums at Homefront-Game.com
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Local multiplayerOnline co-opOnline multiplayer with Xbox Live gold

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  • Release date January 29th 2016