World War Z - Biohazard Weapon Pack

Split heads in style with an all new, tactical tomahawk designed to cut through infected flesh like a knife through butter. Made from a robust steel, it will easily outlive its five year guarantee. An ergonomic rubber grip means you can hack and slash to your hearts content while avoiding any nasty repetitive strain injuries. And, for when you need more than a blade, go silent and take out the trash with these custom, bio-hazard weapon variants and skins.

This DLC includes:
- Tomahawk Melee Weapon
- Biohazard M500 Shotgun
- Biohazard TMP5 SMG
- Biohazard XTAR-95 Rifle
World War Z - Biohazard Weapon Pack screenshot

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Additional Information

  • Release date September 3rd 2020