Best price for DEAD RISING 2 OFF THE RECORD on Xbox 360

Type Game
Publisher CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Developer Capcom Game Studio Vancouver
Platform Xbox 360
Discovered 13 Apr 2011
Last check 10 Apr 2020
Last on sale 19 Feb 2020
Release date 13 Apr 2011

(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean. Frank West is back in this re-imagining of the outrageous events of Dead Rising 2! Forget what you know about Fortune City and the people in it; things have changed now that Frank West has returned in search of his biggest scoop ever. Dive into this zombie paradise and enjoy the thrill of killing zombies, photojournalist-style! Frank's camera also returns, allowing you to gain experience by taking pictures of all the horrible and hilarious things happening in this zombie paradise!

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Australia $5.99 $29.95 View
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Bring out Frank's inner nerd and become a COSPLAY WARRIOR to increase PP generation and gain special attacks when using the practice sword and shield. Inspired by MMORPG players and geeks all over the world who dress up as their favorite characters in armor made out of cardboard, this skill set will have you hitting that level cap in no time! Includes: 1) Cardboard Helmet 2) Monster Facepaint 3) Cardboard Armor 4) Cardboard Boots Skill Pack Bonuses: * Increases PP generation by 25%! * Every attack gives extra PP! * Special "warrior" style attacks using the practice sword and shield!


Press LB and RB at the same time to activate in-game! The GAMEBREAKER pack let's you take over the game and control almost every aspect of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Dumb down the AI, create indestructible combo weapons, distort character models and add cinematic filter effects to enhance your Fortune City experience! Features include: - Instant PP - Clock manipulation - God Mode - Infinite ammo - Infinite weapon durability - Super damage - Super speed - Big head mode - Body builder mode - Dumb zombies - Flat Frank - Giant hands - Cinema filters - And MORE! If you think you've seen everything Dead Rising 2: Off The Record has to offer, think again. The GAMEBREAKER pack takes zombie killing action to a whole new level.


Become a true hero of Fortune City with the FIREFIGHTER skills pack! Save survivors faster than before, kick doors down, walk through fire and wield the fire axe with an overall upgrade in manliness! (moustache included) Includes: 1) Fireman Helmet 2) Fireman Moustache 3) Fireman Jacket 4) Fireman Boots Skill Pack Bonuses: * Immune to fire damage! * Increased speed when carrying or assisting survivors! * Kick doors open! * New attack and increased durability with the fire axe!

BBQ CHEF Skills Pack

Fire up the grill and become everyone's favorite meat man with the BBQ CHEF skill pack. Get beefier attacks with the knife and cleaver, gain more health from delicious meats, cause bigger explosions to charbroil any zombies in range and make fatal use of the condiment bar! Even better - fricassee up some vittles at any stove with the frypan and restore spoiled food through touch alone! Includes: 1) BBQ Chef Hat 2) BBQ Chef Face 3) BBQ Chef Apron 4) BBQ Chef Sandals Skill Pack Bonuses: * Gain more health from grilled foods like BBQ chicken, ribs and hamburgers! * New attacks with the chef knife and meat cleaver! * Explosions are bigger!!! * Deadly attacks with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard!

DR2:OTR CYBORG Skills Pack

The CYBORG skill pack turns Frank into a zombie killing machine - literally! Electrify your enemies with every strike and cause massive damage to puny zombies and pesky humans alike with indestructible body enhancements and an inhuman brute force. Includes: 1) Cyborg Head 2) Cyborg Face 3) Cyborg Body 4) Cyborg Feet Skill Pack Bonuses: * Electricity damage added to all regular attacks! * Increased overall damage on melee attacks! * Increased damage output and magnified electric effects with electrical appliances.

DR2: OTR Support Pack

This support pack is required to play co-op with other users who have purchased downloadable content for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.