Best price for Aliens vs Predator on Xbox 360

Aliens vs Predator
Type Game
Publisher SEGA
Developer Rebellion
Platform Xbox 360
Discovered 05 Sep 2003
Last check 08 Dec 2019
Last on sale 04 Dec 2019
Release date 26 Sep 2014

Experience a war like never before between two of sci-fi's most iconic characters.

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United States $19.99 View
United Kingdom £14.99 View
Europe €19.99 View
Australia $29.95 View
Canada $19.99 View
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Bughunt Map Pack

Welcome to the killing grounds of BG-386. Prove your skills on four new multiplayer maps spanning jungle swamps, dropship crashsites, industrial complexes and ancient temples. Rainstoms batter you, fog hides your predators with only a flash of lightning to show the way through, and a fiery death awaits the unwary. The Bughunt Map Pack features two maps for Survivor Mode and two maps for all other Multiplayer Modes. - Crashsite - MP map - Furious - MP map - Tempest - Survivor map - Monument - Survivor map There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

Swarm Map Pack

Bring a whole new dimension to the action and excitement of ALIENS vs PREDATOR with four all-new online maps. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see