The Broettes Character Pack

Grab 'The Broettes Character Pack', featuring a hit squad of frightning fiesty females set to wreak havoc throughout Rokheim! Jet, Lita, Patti and Nyx are a fearsome foursome, hell bent on restoring the long rock stars of old! As part of the 'The Broettes Character Pack' you’ll also get access to ‘The Marauder Helmet Pack’ featuring a range of totally awesome helmets to trick out your Bros and Broettes including The Road Warrior, The Buzzsaw, The Stinger or the Traffic Cone (everyone loves wearing a traffic cone on their head - right!)
The Broettes Character Pack screenshot

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United StatesUnited States $2.99
United KingdomUnited Kingdom £2.39
EuropeEurope €2.99
AustraliaAustralia $3.95
CanadaCanada $2.99
BrazilBrazil R$0.00

Additional Information

  • Release date November 1st 2016
  • Install size of 10MB