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Gamer TA Super Normal
A 2RUE MASTER A 2RUE MASTER3 players, one account = A 2RUE MASTER [toast] 111,374 Yes
A Chill Upon A Chill UponMind overload, emotions high 346,603 Yes
A Dreadful Shot A Dreadful Shot 202,410 Yes
A KING 84 A KING 84Xbox One purchased... you're welcome 342,392 Yes
A Krayt Dragon A Krayt Dragon 84,378 Yes
a Ma N ii aC x a Ma N ii aC xUltimate Chicken Horse is on xbox??? WTFFFF man i need an xbox at college 200,506 Yes
A Pasty Smasher A Pasty Smasheri said ping pong balls not king kongs balls... 164,262 Yes
a Shiny Suicune a Shiny SuicuneOnline achievements are Godawful. :/ 154,651 Yes
A TRUE FORCE A TRUE FORCENumber 3 in 2017! :D ( 308,856 Yes
A1337Haxor A1337Haxor 348,350 Yes Yes
A1yx Vance A1yx VanceThimbleweed Park-a-reno. It is so good-a-reno. 61,949 Yes
a44Special a44SpecialBeen Playing Legend of Zelda BOTW on my Switch Lately. 442,234 Yes Yes
A7X Unleashed A7X UnleashedSorry everyone I appear to be a bully because I felt it was a disgrace that someone posted peoples TA pages on facebook taking the piss out of them 1,083,292 Yes
Aardvark Vulgar Aardvark - A project I've been working on 217,218 Yes
AB0MINAT10N AB0MINAT10N 1,083,813 Yes
AbmaOnline AbmaOnline 121,887 Yes
AbStRaCtTrIaNgL AbStRaCtTrIaNgLcan anyone help me with cod zombie easter eggs 236,134 Yes
Abyssal Frejas Abyssal Frejas 368,856 Yes
AbyssalOrc33 AbyssalOrc33 283,740 Yes
AC1DGro0ve 3o3 AC1DGro0ve 3o3. . . . 416,851 Yes Yes
AC1DMAN AC1DMANI have a lot of games in my backlog. like 40 retail and 50 arcade. 259,401 Yes
Acadicus AcadicusOn my way to 70,000 gamerscore! 93,195 Yes
Accusations Fly Accusations FlyDrowning in my backlog. 209,101 Yes
AceMcCloud AceMcCloud 129,103 Yes
ACEs 8s 24 ACEs 8s 24Fieroasco baby 124,989 Yes Yes
Achievement MKF Achievement MKF 676 Yes
Achti AchtiWorking on: 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8) 473,366 Yes
ACHVMNTHNTER ACHVMNTHNTERMIGHT try to hit 200k by the end of 2018 227,490 Yes
Acid XL Acid XLOld School 114,079 Yes
AcrOnPOL AcrOnPOL 102,314 Yes
ActuatedSathman ActuatedSathman 156,432 Yes
AdamP117 AdamP117Just crossed the threshold. 100,000 feels so good. 175,830 Yes
adiash73 adiash73Wishing everyone a great 2018. 647,028 Yes Yes
AFatalTouch AFatalTouchI'm gonna be getting rid of alot of my 360 titels, mostly easy gamerscore games and quick titles. Everything is PAL. Anyone on my FL 387,401 Yes
AG Slidewayz AG Slidewayz 209,556 Yes
AgentSmith03 AgentSmith03 186,011 Yes Yes
AgentYugz AgentYugz 376 Yes
Agleska Agleska 119 Yes
Agnt Washintub Agnt Washintub 511,684 Yes
AH GamerScore AH GamerScoreM2AF: If youve received a friends request from GamerScoreM4STA thats my new account. This one is perma banned. 318,752 Yes
AH Yeezus AH Yeezus 0 Yes
AHC l Legit l AHC l Legit lKeep it 100% 7,943 Yes
ahibahib4 ahibahib4 5,921 Yes
Aidan747 Aidan747- Guess who has fable 3 ;) 30,954 Yes
AidenHillierVII AidenHillierVII 103 Yes
AideyH AideyH 324,748 Yes
AIZZY AIZZYgreetings 103,296 Yes
AJmon AJmonGlad to finally get around to knocking out Skyrim, but cant say I see all of the appeal. 490,989 Yes
AKA Swede AKA Swede“You play a good game, boy… but the game is finished. Now you die.” – PHANTASM 705,984 Yes