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Gamer TA Super Normal
FoD See Me FoD See Me 56,731 Yes
folsombrandonj folsombrandonj100-percenting Halo MCC. Message me if interested in helping. 42,454 Yes
Forza Grifo Forza Grifo 526,664 Yes
Fosterflakes Fosterflakes100,000 Gamerscore! Only took a little over 8 years! 230,611 Yes
Foxborian Foxborian 8,339 Yes
FoXXy Lady Maus FoXXy Lady MausCXGC the place for real GAMER! 509,277 Yes
FranktheTankk1 FranktheTankk1boost me 82,598 Yes
Freamwhole FreamwholeZed To Zed Podcast - Episode 113 happening tonight - what is on everyone's mind? 331,950 Yes
FreebirdX3 FreebirdX3 517,610 Yes
Fringe of Fate Fringe of FateWorking on Seriously for Gears:UE 825,498 Yes
Fristi88 Fristi88 130,600 Yes
fritz ownz you fritz ownz you 428,672 Yes
Frostbite FrostbiteNew Status Update.... 451,390 Yes
FT987 FT987 98,530 Yes
Funky Monkee Funky MonkeeSo Resident Evil 7 DLC is coming out, and they increased the total gamerscore from 1390 to 1620?!?! Whatever happened to 1250/1500/1750/2000 656,801 Yes
Fuuhz FuuhzI don't have time to go for 100% completion anymore. It's awful growing up. 3,744 Yes
Fuuldrin FuuldrinPath of Exiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile ! (je crois qu'il manque un "i") 465,584 Yes
FxxIMxxxD 592,182 Yes
G3n3ralG3n0c1dE G3n3ralG3n0c1dEMonths pondering what release could have me buy the One and it dawns on me, Banjo& Kazooie Nuts&Bolts 2! The next day I see Rare released Rare Replay 201,594 Yes
Gabben swe Gabben swe 2,375 Yes
Gabriel Man 187 Gabriel Man 187 61,762 Yes
Galactic Rhyme Galactic RhymeDoes The Division's opening music remind anybody else of Mass Effect? 236,223 Yes
GaMeReVX GaMeReVX 200,648 Yes
gammatron9000 gammatron9000UH-OH!!!! THE TRUCK HAVE STARTED TO MOVE!!! 207,769 Yes
Ganluan GanluanKingdom Hearts 3 Hype! 609,540 Yes
Garmonreigns Garmonreigns 43,754 Yes
GatorFist GatorFist 225,187 Yes
geekmattevo geekmattevo 205 Yes
Geist S Krank Geist S Krank << (!) 238,987 Yes
GenericHeroName GenericHeroName 256,287 Yes
GeneStarwind007 GeneStarwind007Cpn chzr Mchz 355,754 Yes
GheTToBlaSter x GheTToBlaSter x 383,780 Yes
Ghost of Casper Ghost of Casper 140,802 Yes
GHOST WORLD GHOST WORLDEvery other game I play atm seems to have some sort of glitched achievement 629,988 Yes
Giant Hunger Giant Hunger 677,461 Yes
GiantBallOfOil GiantBallOfOilC'mon, that was garbage! 276,198 Yes
Ginne BE Ginne BE 411,418 Yes
Ginubi Ginubi 15,482 Yes
GiXXXer23 GiXXXer23 254,837 Yes
Gizmo2k Gizmo2k 767,542 Yes
GlorixJim GlorixJimNah.... 333,436 Yes
gnimmeL kraD gnimmeL kraD 52,686 Yes
GnomishNinja GnomishNinjaKILLER INSTINCT! 117,441 Yes
GoldenGarat GoldenGaratlet me know if ya wanna play Gears 3 114,022 Yes
Goldyvoxx Goldyvoxx111111? I guess I should never get an achievement again. 239,956 Yes
Golem24 Golem24Looking for people to help daily with runs, farming etc anybody free hit me up! 195,816 Yes
GoodKid318 GoodKid318 56,952 Yes
Goopstah GoopstahBoop! 254,398 Yes
GorillaBuddha GorillaBuddhaAs much as I was excited by TMCC I think it has burnt me out on Halo - can't even finish up Halo 5. 401,228 Yes
Gosillex Gosillex 82,511 Yes