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Gamer TA Super Normal
kupo gunzz kupo gunzz 23,022 Yes
KurtIsKaos KurtIsKaosI can count real good up to 3... and 3 is not the first number of the counting. Why can I only requ 350,787 Yes
KwasimodoSA KwasimodoSA- 0 Yes
KWEY516 KWEY516You trying to be a destiny god ? 440,043 Yes
Kyk3 Styles Kyk3 StylesGame Completed #158 Bleeding Edge (Xbox ONE) 286,591 Yes
Kyojin13 Kyojin13All I see are easy games everywhere. For fucks sake 594,685 Yes
l 2Bad2Fast l l 2Bad2Fast lyey nfs the run is fixed :D 176,039 Yes
l BlackBrian7 l l BlackBrian7 l 1,227,011 Yes
L J EDM L J EDM 283,672 Yes
l Mr AsSorTeD l l Mr AsSorTeD l100.000 now for 200.000 : S 553,944 Yes
l SubZero v3 I l SubZero v3 INow playing on my new tag Supernova EIRE because i got bored of this one. Add me on that tag if you 121,738 Yes
L0RD Melchett L0RD Melchett 190,818 Yes
L3G1T G4M1N L3G1T G4M1NSo I decided to work on UNO. So if anyone has the game I need some help with the UNO Shark achieveme 88,100 Yes
l4mp00n3n l4mp00n3n HELP 402,451 Yes Yes
LadyKillerina LadyKillerinaMe likey the poom poom. 227,138 Yes
LadyNova01 LadyNova01Finshed The Outer Worlds and damn is this a great game and well worth playing if you enjoy RPG games 304,517 Yes
LadyPistolWhip LadyPistolWhip 342 Yes Yes
LAG fire ninja9 LAG fire ninja9Late on the train but BORDERLANDS 2!! 95,815 Yes
Laglace LaglaceLaglace won 69 Achievements in 31 games, for a total of 1,226 TrueAchievement points (886 GamerScore 147,576 Yes
Laguna Chibi Laguna Chibi"old martial arts master".. 2,695 Yes
Lambent Lail Lambent Lail 447,976 Yes Yes
Lankey Lankeythe_real_lankey on ps4 110,910 Yes
Lapislazulii Lapislazulii2020, a seguir completando juegos! Serious business. 398,056 Yes
LAS7 WeemaN LAS7 WeemaN13th in the world, 4th in Europe and 1st in the Czech Republic challenges won leaderboard in 2019 [clap] 754,536 Yes
Lavindathar LavindatharFun afternoon. 293 The Division collectibles done..... 1,626,104 Yes
Lawless V Lawless V 10,578 Yes
Layth DireBeard Layth DireBeardIt looks like the office will be closing early so I can play Syndicate tomorrow. 120,194 Yes
LC BR LC BR 195,459 Yes
lC L A R K E Yl lC L A R K E YlTitanfall, what a really good game 49,883 Yes Yes
Lc Moog Lc MoogNot sure whether to buy AC3, NFS, Forza or Halo 4. Tempted by them all. Goddamn winter. 216,840 Yes Yes
LCR350 LCR350 398,746 Yes
Le Garnisher Le GarnisherNow officially see what all the fuss about Minecraft is... Addicted! 105,469 Yes
Lead Banana Lead Banana 205,613 Yes Yes
Leandro KW6 Leandro KW6Em busca de 100% em games 141,224 Yes
LeChuck666 LeChuck666 178,668 Yes
LedForeigner LedForeignerGimme Head, Gimme Head, Gimme Headlines =) 225,442 Yes Yes
LeeBohan LeeBohan 0 Yes Yes
LEERAX LEERAXPortal 2 12,404 Yes
Leftley Leftley 90,076 Yes Yes
LegitamateTit LegitamateTitOverkill is Underrated. 196,066 Yes Yes
Legohead 1977 Legohead 197725th individual and 10th in the team, thanks made it fun. 1,137,147 Yes
Leon ACE Leon ACEThinking of going on a tech free trip.. bye bye achievement streak :) 537,267 Yes Yes
Leonius V Leonius V 107,428 Yes
leparraindu68 leparraindu68 53,104 Yes
LepraSaun LepraSaunIf you want to talk don't email; and don't you click, click, click, click, click; just call me up at 5-5-5-5 VICK 273,242 Yes
Leroy I1981I Leroy I1981IIt's been a while 207,425 Yes
LesserHuman LesserHumanEA fucking over more servers. RIP FIFA 13. 85,692 Yes
LethalDose76 LethalDose76 277,765 Yes
Lethelia Lethelia 490,872 Yes