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Gamer TA Super Normal
alanp9 alanp9 1,086,934 Yes
Alcibiades PM Alcibiades PMBeen playing WoW for months instead of console games. Comp shutdown on me. Until I build a new one, 283,314 Yes
Aldanga AldangaI realized I never finished the Scott Pilgrim DLC, so I went to buy it from XBL. The game was delist 318,420 Yes
Aldrahn69 Aldrahn69 592,074 Yes
Alessandro VIII Alessandro VIII 381,435 Yes
Alex Whiskers Alex Whiskers 73,358 Yes
Alex420 EreDay Alex420 EreDaycan anyone help me with cod zombie easter eggs 261,255 Yes
alexmatralex alexmatralex..whoa.. 104,991 Yes Yes
alexmegami alexmegamiDA:O is my only true love. 48,892 Yes
Alf Ganikiller Alf GanikillerOh no, my pro is about to expire. At near on 20 quid for not a lot of features it can expire. 219,496 Yes Yes
ALI900 ALI900I still hate Gears 4. 0 Yes
AlienMonkeyFace AlienMonkeyFace 5,328 Yes Yes
AllegroGrub AllegroGrub12,562 Seriously... Unlocked 179,695 Yes
Allgorhythm AllgorhythmRIP J.D. Gibbs. #doitforJD And Denny Hamlin did it for JD - congrats on your Daytona 500 win! 256,529 Yes Yes
allhands238 allhands238 1,445,751 Yes
allkore allkore 710,087 Yes Yes
AlmightyGio AlmightyGioI'm back! 198,195 Yes
AlternateSiren AlternateSiren 9,564 Yes
Amazing AZ Amazing AZI gotta say, i'm impressed Microsoft I like the custom gamerpics [smile] 630,591 Yes
AmAzInG LiquiD AmAzInG LiquiDFinally 528,772 Yes
amillent amillentSomebody please, please, please, please trade me a Sarsgorilla in Viva Pinata TiP 343,893 Yes
AmpVooDoo AmpVooDooI beat the Hannah Montana game, now I want to play the Miley Cyrus game :) 290,427 Yes
Anders1983 Anders1983Finally got aroung playing the original Super Mario RPG, totally worth it even if I'm 18 years late! 111,392 Yes
AndiApokalypse AndiApokalypseRare Replay 4000/4000G 415,216 Yes
andrew spitzley andrew spitzley 118,238 Yes
AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 130,751 Yes
Andystructible AndystructibleTime to complete some games :-) 343,880 Yes
angelicdevil88 (support my gaming cravings) 340,686 Yes
angelp1ay angelp1ayTA = epic site! 47,447 Yes
angryangel66 angryangel66Gears of War 3 - Seriously 3.0 DONE. 1,902 hours... Never again! 101,736 Yes Yes
AngryXSuperManX AngryXSuperManXHave you ever been so anxious you chewed a hole through the wall of your house to outside? My husky did 293,047 Yes
Angusiasty Angusiasty 7,000 Yes Yes
Anima Pura Anima PuraGears 5's campaign made me look back on the others. Not a single GoW game has a bad campaign imo. 265,926 Yes Yes
AnnieGoesRawr AnnieGoesRawr 259,058 Yes
anomalystic777 anomalystic777Currently playing Limbo and the walkthrough is littered with mistakes... 449,295 Yes
AnotherSadPanda AnotherSadPandaIs it possible to play de-listed DLC if someone else has it? 211,325 Yes
Ant Ant 828,276 Yes
Ant695 Ant695Anyone know if the zombie of the year edition of dead island has the arena dlc with it? 188,412 Yes Yes
Anthony Ajax Anthony AjaxMehhhh... TA community is not what it used to be... hard to come back =/ 132,290 Yes Yes
Anthony x360a Anthony x360a42/65 Onyx Medals Lvl 100 0 Yes Yes
AnthroMetal 431,217 Yes Yes
Antonio FNN Antonio FNN 623,111 Yes
AP 8T8 AP 8T8 1,947,801 Yes Yes
aphex412w aphex412whome for 2 days then back to work 136,003 Yes Yes
APJB APJB 230,295 Yes
Apocalypse Kane Apocalypse Kane 1,119,012 Yes
Apocalypse743 Apocalypse743 519,748 Yes
Apocalyptic Oso Apocalyptic Oso 164,755 Yes
Apokalyp5e Apokalyp5eOverwatch: Uprising is a Legendary pain in the ass! 254,572 Yes Yes
APOLLO2342 APOLLO2342 542,498 Yes