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Gamer TA Super Normal
perceptron3000 perceptron3000 165,388 Yes
perfectkev7 perfectkev7 262,876 Yes
Petey247 Petey247All Clear 457,343 Yes
pezza888 pezza888Guess who's back, back again, pezza's back, tell a friend 107,992 Yes
PhantomSiren PhantomSiren 1,487,865 Yes
PhoenixKurogane PhoenixKurogane"The Phoenix is a malevolent entity capable of great destruction" - Professor Xavier 437,965 Yes
Photikx3 Photikx3 191,425 Yes
PHUTURE 909 PHUTURE 909bored lately 234,324 Yes
Piemanns Bakery Piemanns Bakery 204,189 Yes
Piemarz PiemarzNeed people to boost Far Cry 2, need to upgrade all the weapons. 47,855 Yes
Pinchie McPinch Pinchie McPinchCompleted DI:R already :( 65,923 Yes
PinoyfuryZ PinoyfuryZ 59,188 Yes
PirS92 PirS92i' m back 146,595 Yes
PitBullDoorbell PitBullDoorbellGears of War 1,2,3, Judgment and Gears of War:UE all maxed.. . Who has 5 Seriously achievements? This guy. 157,080 Yes
piwo4me piwo4meCan't wait for some Trials Evolution! I am ready for the joy and unbelievable anger! 188,419 Yes
PLACER89 PLACER89My appeal has been denied.. PLACER89 has officially been banned from Xbox Live until 12/31/9999. Blog post coming soon.. :'( 196,058 Yes
PlanesWalker 97 PlanesWalker 97907 Achievements left in 61 Games 519,793 Yes
planting42 planting42#GTASC Solo Bonus active: Party Like Its... (End the scoring period having earned a Gamerscore evenly divisible by 2018.) 1,027,073 Yes
Plasma Teardrop Plasma TeardropAssassins Creed III is the worst Assassins Creed by far.. until proven otherwise 238,907 Yes
PlayForSarious PlayForSarious:) 35,581 Yes
PlayfulDalek PlayfulDalekIs back! 1 Month without ANY xbox played.. Now time to start finishing some games!! 32,545 Yes
PliantBoat33 PliantBoat33Master Chief - Tyrannosaurus Rex 322,429 Yes
porschephiliac porschephiliac 301,918 Yes
PowerWild82 PowerWild82 81,293 Yes
PR Mk45 PR Mk45Finally have broadband again :) After 2.5 months without it.. 146,405 Yes
PR0MOTE PR0MOTE 79,403 Yes
Prestd PrestdLooking for CO-OP partners for Halo:Spartan Assault and GTA V Heists 111,887 Yes
Prime Jerp Prime JerpGetting as much gamerscore as I'm scoring with the ladies 342,258 Yes
PrinceOfEternia PrinceOfEterniaSo much to do, too little time to do it 700,889 Yes
ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85 717,022 Yes
Prolific Pluto Prolific PlutoFinishing up some achievements! 156,883 Yes
Proscaline Proscaline 529,152 Yes
Protato Kupl3 Protato Kupl3 62,858 Yes
prowlerdante prowlerdanteBack from the dead (kind of). Will be dividing my attention between PS3/Vita and Xbox 881,328 Yes
psybOltOn psybOltOnQuantum Break Media Baron achievement is glitched. Again... 134,553 Yes
Psyconecro Psyconecro 33,365 Yes
psycotic wookie psycotic wookieabout to start my hard playthrough on bf4 in one sitting,stupid single player glitch 213,564 Yes
Puck269 Puck269 49,484 Yes
PureEvil x21 PureEvil x21Anyone still in need of Gotham City Imposters (PC)? 211,592 Yes
Purple DinDono Purple DinDono"I might drift forever more, but I'd sure like to come ashore" 270,824 Yes
PvtCaboose32 PvtCaboose32Gears of War 3: What is the fastest method to achieve Big Money...Silverback - Blood Drive - Casual Waves 1 to 35? 71,109 Yes
Pyle313 Pyle313Nightwing!!! 16,466 Yes
Pyro mushrooM 2 Pyro mushrooM 2 254 Yes
Pyro5845 Pyro584555 thousand, 18k difference between truescore and gamerscore 79,570 Yes
QcK Dagger HeaT QcK Dagger HeaTComing back to play some xbox :D it's been awhile TA whats new? 389,847 Yes
QPRs No1 Fan QPRs No1 Fan 582,783 Yes
QuanticJustice QuanticJustice500K GS on 12/31/2017, Happy New Year! 923,978 Yes
QueensOwnRifle QueensOwnRifleI despise Five Finger Fillet in RDR, screws up my 100%... 61,939 Yes
quester683 quester683My SC2 Walkthrough is almost done. Im putting the final touches on it now. 135,388 Yes
Quickdontdie QuickdontdieJokes on you guys, I have 8,982,254 TA preloaded! haha! 137,056 Yes