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Gamer TA Super Normal
YummyLight368 YummyLight368Is the telltale games issue resolved? 104,250 Yes Yes
Yung Rock 2013 Yung Rock 2013I Cant Wait for Borderlands 2 199,243 Yes
Yuriam YuriamFinally a few weeks off. Time to cross some games off the list. (Who am I kidding?) 396,921 Yes
z 4assed monkey z 4assed monkeyHITMAN has a sniper rifle that plays “Ave Maria” when you aim down the scope. 326,626 Yes
Z BANK Z BANK 265,019 Yes
z RagnaroK z z RagnaroK zWonder how many people are sweating about their achievement streaks right now... 373,269 Yes
Zabov Zabov 153,663 Yes Yes
Zac M16 Zac M16I should be 4200 gamerscore. Why won't you update TA 7,322 Yes Yes
Zach X1 Zach X1Anyone else having issues with Xbl? 652 Yes
Zachhhhhhh777 Zachhhhhhh777Gears.....all day ery day! Gears 1 - 56/57, Gears 2 - 79/79, Gears 3 - 76/82 56,320 Yes
Zalinth MWS Zalinth MWS 125,470 Yes
zamacgod303 zamacgod303 535,945 Yes
Zarda1 Zarda1 568,139 Yes
Zavistic Jr Zavistic Jr33,330G? 77,146 Yes
Ze Zackus Ze Zackus0xx[];:;:;:;:;:;:;::> Get Pwnd 63,050 Yes Yes
Zeeeeee Zeeeeee 295,163 Yes
Zeh Marcoss Zeh Marcoss 679,852 Yes
ZeJesus ZeJesuswhat an epic game of zombies! round 29, almost 4 and a half hours! nice one gaz and dimmock 196,901 Yes
Zeke the Xbot Zeke the Xbot 131,917 Yes Yes
Zemidek ZemidekWorking on non-backwards compatible games, currently: Dark Sector, WWE 2008, Skyrim, and Samurai Warriors 2. 304,039 Yes Yes
Zen Vendetta Zen Vendetta 1,089,543 Yes
ZENMAN420 ZENMAN420I like kitties! 80,062 Yes Yes
Zephon Dakari Zephon Dakari 86,587 Yes
Zer0e 492,953 Yes
Zerodactyl Zerodactyl 241,605 Yes Yes
Zinn Gravey Zinn GraveyMerry Christmas! 100,521 Yes
ZippyAdam ZippyAdam"Aggressive eye contact" 1,143,940 Yes
ZMaine ZMaineI need moar time for games. 48,747 Yes Yes
ZockeR ZockeR 216,355 Yes
Zodd Immortel Zodd Immortel 27,442 Yes
ZoliWP ZoliWP 124,356 Yes Yes
Zombi3Kittehx3 Zombi3Kittehx3Does anyone remember anymore?! Lmao... Long hiatus ): mom life... 100,307 Yes
Zombie snuff Zombie snuff 228,495 Yes
ZombiPeshuga ZombiPeshugaDUKE NUKEM :D 261,070 Yes
Zurbum Zurbum 238,541 Yes Yes
ZW ZW1st in Nevada to 1 Million! 1,524,869 Yes
zWARzGUNSLinGEr zWARzGUNSLinGErFinishing up the AC games 270,504 Yes Yes
Zwaveldioxide Zwaveldioxide 539,343 Yes Yes
ZyGouNeTte ZyGouNeTte 295,900 Yes
ZYPH0ID PR0CESS ZYPH0ID PR0CESSPlace AD here! 108,484 Yes
A 2rue LeGacY A 2rue LeGacY 1,941,076 Yes
A RedChupacabra A RedChupacabra 316,071 Yes
A Wise Pirate A Wise Pirate9th April, 2016 - 25,000G! A quarter of the way there. 85,268 Yes
Absinth Soul Absinth Soul 102,249 Yes
Acap AcapLove my cat <3 683,951 Yes
Ackis Ackis 856,631 Yes
adamrulz adamrulzDone giving a hoot about completions. Gonna hit my backlog and whatever I feel like and see how low my % drops. 404,966 Yes
Addymartini AddymartiniAnother day, another achievement... 708,201 Yes