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alanp9 alanp9FYI for anyone else who's into MS Rewards (and if you aren't, you should be): The 20% off deal on $5/$10 gift cards is back for a limited time. 1,216,914 Yes
Alcibiades PM Alcibiades PMBeen playing WoW for months instead of console games. Comp shutdown on me. Until I build a new one, 291,941 Yes
Aldanga AldangaI realized I never finished the Scott Pilgrim DLC, so I went to buy it from XBL. The game was delist 326,506 Yes
Aldrahn69 Aldrahn69 632,112 Yes
Alessandro VIII Alessandro VIII 411,325 Yes
Alex Whiskers Alex Whiskers 75,022 Yes
alexmatralex alexmatralex..whoa.. 108,625 Yes Yes
alexmegami alexmegamiDA:O is my only true love. 49,890 Yes
Alf Ganikiller Alf GanikillerPlease don't PM me asking to change anything on my walkthroughs as the answer is simply no. 226,922 Yes Yes
ALI900 ALI900Searching for people who want to try out the The Doomsday Heist for GTA V 0 Yes
AlienMonkeyFace AlienMonkeyFace 5,378 Yes Yes
AllegroGrub AllegroGrub12,562 Seriously... Unlocked 184,925 Yes
Allgorhythm AllgorhythmCongrats to Denny Hamlin who goes back to back for his 3rd Daytona 500 victory! #doitforJD 305,773 Yes Yes
allhands238 allhands238 1,491,971 Yes
allkore allkore 782,151 Yes Yes
AlmightyGio AlmightyGioI'm back! 203,463 Yes
AlternateSiren AlternateSiren 9,798 Yes
Amazing AZ Amazing AZI gotta say, i'm impressed Microsoft I like the custom gamerpics [smile] 655,429 Yes
AmAzInG LiquiD AmAzInG LiquiDFinally 561,699 Yes
amillent amillentTime to start utilizing this site more I suppose 366,876 Yes
AmpVooDoo AmpVooDooI beat the Hannah Montana game, now I want to play the Miley Cyrus game :) 297,957 Yes
Anders1983 Anders1983Finally got aroung playing the original Super Mario RPG, totally worth it even if I'm 18 years late! 118,224 Yes
AndiApokalypse AndiApokalypseRare Replay 4000/4000G 558,594 Yes
andrew spitzley andrew spitzley 120,536 Yes
AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 135,202 Yes
Andystructible AndystructibleMerry Christmas and happy new year everyone :-) 358,835 Yes
angelicdevil88 angelicdevil88 - help me clear the last of my debt so i can enjoy life again <3 364,028 Yes
angelp1ay angelp1ayTA = epic site! 48,395 Yes
angryangel66 angryangel66Gears of War 3 - Seriously 3.0 DONE. 1,902 hours... Never again! 104,623 Yes Yes
AngryXSuperManX AngryXSuperManXHave you ever been so anxious you chewed a hole through the wall of your house to outside? My husky did 305,641 Yes
Angusiasty Angusiasty 7,145 Yes Yes
Anima Pura Anima PuraRIP Black Mamba :'( 312,978 Yes Yes
AnnieGoesRawr AnnieGoesRawr 265,803 Yes
anomalystic777 anomalystic777Waiting for my exams to be over so I can get back to playing Xbox again. 480,754 Yes
AnotherSadPanda AnotherSadPandaIs it possible to play de-listed DLC if someone else has it? 216,641 Yes
Ant AntUgh what happend to ta ? looks like shit now.... or like a mobile app on desktop. 867,712 Yes
Ant695 Ant695Anyone know if the zombie of the year edition of dead island has the arena dlc with it? 196,870 Yes Yes
Anthony Ajax Anthony AjaxMehhhh... TA community is not what it used to be... hard to come back =/ 136,169 Yes Yes
Anthony x360a Anthony x360a42/65 Onyx Medals Lvl 100 0 Yes Yes
AnthroMetal AnthroMetal 459,892 Yes Yes
Antonio FNN Antonio FNNAlso addicted here: 674,666 Yes
AP 8T8 AP 8T8 Kotaku must be stopped! 2,113,083 Yes Yes
aphex412w aphex412whome for 2 days then back to work 141,709 Yes Yes
APJB APJB 235,873 Yes
Apocalypse Kane Apocalypse Kane 1,183,706 Yes
Apocalypse743 Apocalypse743 538,719 Yes
Apocalyptic Oso Apocalyptic Oso 171,424 Yes
Apokalyp5e Apokalyp5eOverwatch: Uprising is a Legendary pain in the ass! 263,210 Yes Yes
APOLLO2342 APOLLO2342 568,863 Yes
Apollyon VII Apollyon VIITV randomly "exploded", guess I'm free for the next month. 181,075 Yes