Gamers Referred by joe jirachi fan

Gamer TA GS Ratio
AgentCody1992 AgentCody1992FML 56,770 (37,479) 1.51
Left4Zeus Left4ZeusNeed to go on the xbox again 40,125 (27,129) 1.48
temp live joe temp live joe"Did you just summon a whole bunch of ninjas in one turn? That's against the ninja rules!" 4,509 (3,235) 1.39
TheTitanova TheTitanovaHow am I ever gonna get 80% complete when games like Fallout New Vegas and Sonic generations are £10 64,679 (35,704) 1.81
Yukis Panda Yukis PandaIn case it wasn't obvious, Panda is indeed my last name... 5,374 (3,570) 1.51