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TrueAchievements Readers' Top 50 Games of 2018

As we prepare for another busy year ahead, we wanted to dive a little deeper into our Game of the Year results. Here's the top 50 titles of 2018 as voted for by the TrueAchievements community.

Posted 1 year ago by Rich Stone

TGN Podcast: End of 2018 Review

Welcome to our end of year special, where Sam, Ollie and I were joined by our Editorial Manager, Mark, as we take our annual look back at the last 12 months of gaming.

Posted 1 year ago by Dave Horobin

Top 20 Most Played Games of 2018 - Part One

New Year's Day is nearly here, which means it's time to say goodbye to the past twelve months of video games and clean our slates for the busy 2019 ahead. Today we look back on some of the biggest games of 2018.

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Delaney

Battlefield V Patch Fixes Disconnection Issues and More

It may be small, but this week's patch for Battlefield V fixes some glaring issues, from disconnections to unbalanced teams. DICE has promised another update in the future as Tides of War becomes live.

Posted 1 year ago by NicoleRenee00

Battlefield V Review

After Star Wars Battlefront II launched to a ton of controversy, it seemed EA had screwed up an otherwise excellent game from the multiplayer maestros at DICE. Consider Battlefield V more forgivable but still showing some issues.

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Delaney

New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning November 19th, 2018

There are 13 new releases, although only two are appearing at retail. DICE's Battlefield V appears for all players, while those with a taste for the more sedentary way of living can once again manage their own farm.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning November 12th, 2018

November is meant to be one of the busiest months of the year for game releases, but this week it's fairly quiet with just six new releases. Having said that, there are some fairly big titles among them.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

Battlefield V Shows Off Xbox One X Enhancements

When Battlefield V launches next week, it will arrive with Xbox One X enhancements, such as 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. The latest trailer shows off those enhancements as the battle rages on around players.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

Battlefield V Developers Play Breakthrough

In this latest episode of the Battlefield V Dev Talks series, the developers show us some gameplay and divulge their tactics in the Breakthrough mode in Grand Operations.

Posted 1 year ago by Lexley Ford