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The best Xbox battle royale games

Battle Royale games are rather popular, aren’t they? You drop out of a plane or a helicopter with a squad, do some scavenging, and then scrap for your measly life. So, which battle royales have perfected this gameplay loop?

Posted 1 month ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 49

Call of Duty 2021 will reportedly be revealed next week

Call of Duty 2021, or to use its codename, Call of Duty: Vanguard, could be revealed as early as next week if a now-deleted tweet that was allegedly hit with a DMCA takedown notice is to be believed.

Posted 2 months ago by Sean Carey 46

Call of Duty: Warzone update nerfs the MG 82 and a door

Raven Software has rolled out a new update for Call of Duty: Warzone, which significantly nerfs the overpowered MG 82 LMG, and stops a random door from instantly killing players on contact.

Posted 4 months ago by Sean Carey 5

350,000 Call of Duty players banned for toxic behaviour

The Call of Duty team has been very busy over the past year, banning over 350,000 accounts across Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty: Mobile for racist usernames or toxic behaviour.

Posted 5 months ago by Sean Carey 162

Xbox Spring Sale 2021

Discounts on pretty much everything - one of the biggest sales of the year is now live!

Posted 6 months ago by Jack Watling 219