Heavy Fire Series

Heavy Fire


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Heavy Fire: Red Shadow

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow

Developed by Anshar Studios and published by Mastiff Games on 19 Oct 18


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Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear

Developed by Teyon and published by Mastiff Games on 29 Jan 13


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Latest Heavy Fire News

New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning October 15th, 2018

There's Ubisoft's foray into the toys to life market, a new LEGO game, the next titles in the SOULCALIBUR and Warriors Orochi franchises, and 2K's first foray into the NBA Playgrounds franchise.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca Smith, 8 comments

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Achievement List Revealed

We have just picked up the achievement list for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow. There are 13 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret

Posted 2 months ago by Rich Stone, 8 comments

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Trailer

It's like your favorite turret sections in your favorite World War FPS, but instead you get to do them all of the time. That sounds pretty fun.

Posted 6 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 16 comments

Mastiff Games Announces Four Titles

Announcements are always some of the most interesting news in the industry, and here we have four. The four games are from Mastiff Games, who so far has only brought us Bandfuse Rock Legends and Heavy Fire.

Posted 8 months ago by Kelly Packard, 15 comments

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Coming to Europe

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, which was released earlier this year in North America, is now set to release in Europe. Shattered Spear thrusts players into explosive, modern-combat set levels in which

Posted 5 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 24 comments

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Screens

After watching the recently covered trailer for Teyon's upcoming action title, Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, the 'on-rails' battling looks like it's going to present a pretty tough challenge to make i

Posted 5 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 21 comments

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Trailer

Yesterday we brought you the announcement that developers Teyon would be bringing their modern warfare-based shooter series, Heavy Fire, to the Xbox battlefield in the form of Heavy Fire: Shattered S

Posted 5 years ago by Chewie, 25 comments

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Announced

Mastiff Games and Teyon today announced that Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is to release in a week's time on January 29th. Players will be put onto the front lines in order to prevent a nuclear Armaged

Posted 5 years ago by Ellis Spice, 23 comments