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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World

Developed by CAPCOM CO., LTD. and published by CAPCOM CO., LTD. on 26 Jan 18



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Monster Hunter Frontier G

Monster Hunter Frontier G

Developed by Capcom Entertainment Inc. and published by Capcom Entertainment Inc. on 24 Jun 10


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Xbox One Super Game Sale 2019

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Monster Hunter: World Dynamic Difficulty Explained

As well as tweaks to weapons and skills, there will be a new dynamic difficulty that scales the game's content according to the number of players taking part, and Capcom has now explained how it works.

Posted 30 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 13 comments

Monster Hunter: World is Getting Frosty at E3

This E3, we've had a multitude of opportunities to get a firsthand look at the game's newest location: Hoarfrost Reach. It's a snowy area filled with all kinds of new environmental tricks and, more importantly, beasties.

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Deals Unlocked: The Xbox E3 Sale 2019

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailer Explores Hoarfrost Reach

The latest trailer gives players a glimpse of the snowy landscapes of Hoarfrost Reach, as well as some of the new monsters they'll be facing when "Iceborne" arrives in September.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailers Make Use of Improved Weapons

The latest trailers give players an in-depth look at a variety of weapon improvements players will be using to take down their targets.

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Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne Videos Showcase Deadly New Weaponry

The latest trailers to appear offer a brief look at two of the new deadly weapons players will be using to take down those new foes, as well as a new element, Clutch Claw.

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Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide – Unlock Achievements, Earn Points, Save Money

Did you know that you can boost your Microsoft Rewards points via Xbox Game Pass? Not only is it pretty easy to tick off every Quest in the month, the process is more fun – and the rewards larger – than clicking around in Bing.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Release Date and Gameplay Revealed

Monster Hunter: World's big expansion Iceborne was announced at the end of last year, but now we have a much better idea of its contents. Take a look at these videos from Capcom for more details.

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Capcom Xbox Sale: May 7th, 2019

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