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4,101 EMT 969 EMT 969EMT 969 won 90 Achievements in 13 games, for a total of 2,414 TrueAchievement points (1,445 GamerScore). 123
4,102 TESTUBE BABY 82 TESTUBE BABY 82Want to boost 123
4,103 IZZY MELI IZZY MELIpeople on this site won't give a shit about all your good recent feedback but will determine you as a player based on bad feedback from years ago smh 123
4,104 qManballin qManballin 123
4,105 Quickdraw1988 Quickdraw1988currently addicted to games, i need my fix man! 123
4,106 Jobbenar JobbenarProject cars 2 boosting buddy needed, anyone? 123
4,107 Windymillr Windymillr 123
4,108 simmias42 simmias42Gotta work on that completion percentage! TrueTrophies 123
4,109 ZeJesus ZeJesuswhat an epic game of zombies! round 29, almost 4 and a half hours! nice one gaz and dimmock 123
4,110 Phoenix 0n Fire Phoenix 0n Fire 123
4,111 Tha Playah360 Tha Playah360PS4: xxAssassinoxxPL ----Bloodborne miazdzy :) 123
4,112 Stevie Boi ENG Stevie Boi ENGHappy New Year All 123
4,113 MikeJuggles MikeJugglesAnyone want to play some Magic Duels: Origins? 123
4,114 SquareMan 01 SquareMan 01 123
4,116 EFfI3 EFfI3No longer boost got rid of xbox and got PS FU M$ 123
4,117 xoURMOMxo xoURMOMxoI miss achievement hunting 123
4,118 MR Wiggles3718 MR Wiggles3718awwe man, you forensic science is killing me. 123
4,119 United Console United ConsoleDer Klügere kippt nach! 123
4,120 Jon81D Jon81D 122
4,121 RyanGamingTD RyanGamingTDFollow me on Mixer and Twitch RyanShooterGaming 122
4,122 BadMotor BadMotor 122
4,123 PerfectionShaun PerfectionShaun 122
4,124 TeamButton TeamButtonRunning through a lot of 360 games ( AC:Rogue, Syndicate, Dead Space 2/3, and RDR) 122
4,125 ValorousWookiee ValorousWookieeOh I love going after achievements despite the little time I have. 122
4,126 Davehx DavehxBah Weep Grah Nah Weep Ni Ni Bong 122
4,127 GamerComa GamerComaFinally had time for Skyrim. 122
4,128 AllChristophe AllChristopheFinally got a wireless adapter fro my 360. Time to conquer a beast that I have spent too much time on: The FF XIII Trilogy 122
4,129 newRECRuit4sure newRECRuit4sureCan't believe bioware let an inexperienced team do mass effect just so their veterans could do anthem...triggered 122
4,130 Kirblinx KirblinxAlphabet Challenge done. Now to fix my completion %age. 122
4,131 Gantua GantuaSkyrim game of the decade 122
4,132 Septic Savlon Septic SavlonIF I CAN GRAB IT I WILL!! BUT ONLY SO FAR CHEVY!! 122
4,133 WhistIing Wolf WhistIing WolfNaaaaaah nanana nah nah Katamari Damacy~~~ 122
4,134 Predator3399 Predator3399 122
4,135 Meddle71 Meddle71 122
4,136 Alf Ganikiller Alf GanikillerWho cares if one more light goes out? Who cares if someones time runs out. I do. LP-CB 122
4,137 WickedD365 WickedD365Loving PUBG!!! STFU haters! 122
4,138 Ronkeli Ronkeli 122
4,139 Whats a Chundy Whats a ChundySend me a message if you need help with MW3 spec ops missions & Halo MCC 122
4,140 Black Winging Black WingingDone with gaming for a while, probably only going to play a little Rock Band here and there. Be back in a few months. 122
4,141 WChalk83 WChalk83Give us a option to remove games from achievement history that has discontinued achivements & games with 0g. 122
4,142 boodomi boodomi 122
4,143 Davittski DavittskiSeriously Unlocked 10/29/11 - Final Count 10,769 122
4,144 Joy The Flower Joy The FlowerPicking Flowers! 122
4,145 DJ2e DJ2eCan anyone help me finish these last few achievements of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition? 121
4,146 II Kazz II II Kazz II 121
4,147 Slim Panatella Slim Panatella 121
4,148 IanK1987 IanK1987I will recover my bean dive (2013/14 I think) this year. Only starting anything when I hit 125,100,75etc needed for recovery. 121
4,149 Cecil Kilmer Cecil Kilmer 121
4,150 Psycho Trent Psycho Trent 121
4,151 JasoX FIN JasoX FINBacklog... sigh 121
4,152 tonyyankees48 tonyyankees48Jimmie Johnson is now 7 Time Sprint Cup Champion! 121
4,153 Tunaleg Tunaleg 121
4,154 FIASCOcomedy FIASCOcomedyhmmm. . . 121
4,155 thatkidfromohio thatkidfromohio 121
4,156 SixtyFootMonkey SixtyFootMonkey 121
4,158 jrath05 jrath05 121
4,159 DarkWingSpartan DarkWingSpartanIt's a new year, so I'm taking some time off of achievement hunting to play stuff for fun. 121
4,160 EweStickyCow EweStickyCowGuys, what is an epic 4player splitscreen game? I'm about to hit 100k and i want it to be epic fun. 121
4,161 Gintama ZURA Gintama ZURAI really need to start playing playing and completing games more, this has been my slowest year for achievements :/ 121
4,162 Tulipan oO Tulipan oOMy Xbox 360 achievements run is slowly coming to an end! 121
4,163 LucrativeGaming LucrativeGamingAnything worth doing, is worth your mom 121
4,164 Tranierx TranierxKinda want to complete Goat Simulator. Kinda want to play a good game. 121
4,165 ThePootermobile ThePootermobileyep, still terrible at geometry wars. =/ 121
4,166 branstoneboy branstoneboyGood luck to everyone in this years GTASC, should be a good one! 121
4,167 RoiNegreFromage RoiNegreFromage 121
4,168 L0TS OF PIE L0TS OF PIEWish I had free time! 121
4,169 ViPeR866 ViPeR866 121
4,170 VivaFathom VivaFathom 121
4,171 WalmsLo WalmsLoUni done, back to xbox. 121
4,172 RKlaahsen RKlaahsenShooting for 150,000 TA in 2018! 121
4,173 Buttercup III Buttercup III 121
4,174 chrismcpartlan chrismcpartlanLooking for 1 more player to join Assassin's creed: Black Flag (360) boosting tonight 121
4,175 MrEnterprise8 MrEnterprise8 121
4,176 TheRealDingo TheRealDingo 121
4,177 CHRISTR0CITY CHRISTR0CITYI'm getting a decent service from Virgin Media now, huzzah! 121
4,178 SuperC0d3m0nkey SuperC0d3m0nkey 121
4,179 DayandAge DayandAgeWhat a historic weekend, huh? 121
4,180 Iceberg082002 Iceberg082002 121
4,181 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4Ever700,000 gamerscore on the dot!!!!!!!!!! 120
4,182 Lord Agrius Lord AgriusAnybody up for getting Battleborn? 120
4,183 Flarus Dragon1 Flarus Dragon1So using my Xbox as my Screen for TA while playing Fire Unghs Quest. Achievements dont pop on Win 10 but the still do on my Xbox. 120
4,184 BoatManJuzz07 BoatManJuzz07 120
4,185 heartagram1993 heartagram1993Goat Simulator is so good 120
4,186 M317 M317Anyone willing to help with Kung Fu Panda's online achievements? 120
4,187 DARTH WINNERS DARTH WINNERSDoes anyone know why minecraft android edition keeps crashing? 120
4,188 x CreaM v x CreaM vNeed to do 360 games !!!!!!! 120
4,189 j wizite j wiziteGears 4? What the fuck. Stop already. I want to play new games. Please! Get over it 120
4,190 Philyokwan79 Philyokwan79Annoyed that my xbox one achievements trackers are regularly wrong! 120
4,191 jack fenix jack fenixHMU for soldier of fortunate payback, resident evil orc and Kane & Lynch 2 120
4,193 WinsGrandPrix WinsGrandPrixStill need KI shadow matches. For some reason, my shadows don't get a lot of fights. 120
4,194 BootDook BootDookExcited for the Year of 2018! Going to be a great year for games, hunting, and many other things that no one else but me cares about!!! 120
4,195 InvidiaViribus InvidiaViribus 120
4,196 pinata242 pinata242Just completed my first Xbox One game and my first completion in 2.5 years. Feels good. Feels right. 120
4,197 WildwoodMike WildwoodMike 120
4,198 Maxterfeak3 Maxterfeak3AGE OF EMPIRES IV IS COMING!!! -The only thing i want its END all my games: that´s all folks 120
4,199 Styles555369 Styles555369Evil will always win, because good is dumb. 120
4,200 Obi Wan Inch Obi Wan InchCleaning up old games 120