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1,101 Sighris SighrisHad some kid telling me I had to help him with halo reach because "I am on ta" 393
1,102 Davis 888 Davis 888Clearing the way for many new things this year. 393
1,103 Grandwicky GrandwickySeriously? No achievement for 3 months? Something seriously needs to change! Seriously 3.0 is imminent & I'm gonna be back in the game big time! 393
1,104 The Only DBry The Only DBryback in the helping mood msg me if you want help on anything call of duty zombies related from WaW-BO3 AW included 393
1,105 Psychotic Sully Psychotic Sully(6c 6) 393
1,106 Arj295 Arj295 393
1,107 adiash73 adiash73F1 2016: is it worth buying new for the Career Booster DLC or just get a far cheap pre-owned copy? 392
1,108 Nonfaith NonfaithI am an Assassin this week. 392
1,109 Im the Lorax Im the LoraxWell I fucked up my easter egg hunt achievements already. Thought it ended on the 14th so I got some, but NO, it STARTS the 14th. FML lol 392
1,110 Mickyz666 Mickyz666 392
1,111 TheSpinalClerk TheSpinalClerkDouble XP in Battlefront this weekend. 391
1,112 BadBoyBungle BadBoyBungle... 391
1,113 cancermatt2 cancermatt2 391
1,114 ZZBroncos ZZBroncosLaw school = no time for xbox. Wow. 391
1,115 Crimson Ridley Crimson RidleyWow... I haven't been here in a long time! Just noticed they started a True Steam site, so I felt like dropping in. 390
1,116 BLAZE VII BLAZE VIII Used To Be A Gamerscore-Hunter Like You, Then I Took An Arrow In The...Wait... 390
1,117 Benn1e Benn1eHalo 5 hmmmmm 390
1,118 Opproperaar Opproperaar 390
1,119 Dr Tinus NL Dr Tinus NL 389
1,120 xxx AL xxx AL 389
1,121 Darth Chimp Darth ChimpSo DR3 is coming to a close, what disc based crap shall I boost next? Got a few digital games on the boil, but I would love to clear all my disc games 389
1,122 Boots Orion Boots OrionBut it a big if. 389
1,123 AgentOfAbyss AgentOfAbyssWhy does every game these days seem to have broken achievements? 389
1,124 itsamultipass itsamultipassPrediction Complete: ESO has absorbed my life like a soul into a soul gem. 389
1,125 Excited Milk Excited MilkJust found out I passed the CPA exam! 389
1,126 Defrosted Jay Defrosted JayGoW 3 -2000G?! get in!!!! 389
1,127 Rista B Rista B 389
1,128 Linkster FTW Linkster FTWIn keeping with tradition I don't think I will be collecting all 101 Borgia flags in AC: Brotherhood 389
1,129 ACBlender ACBlender:O 389
1,130 D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1NOfficially 25th to complete andromeda in 116.5 for the fun part of the game. 388
1,131 Vito084 Vito084The Wolf Among us Season 2 clap 387
1,132 merkins7 merkins7 387
1,133 Da Lukinator Da LukinatorInvictus Maneo 387
1,134 Broa BroaWhen you realize you have over 120 unachieveables :( 387
1,135 halohogg halohoggRhythm & Racing! 387
1,136 XEN610 XEN610Can anybody help me pop one MP achievement in Tomb Raider, so I can add it to my Bean Dive. 386
1,137 Legohaulic LegohaulicMass Effect, Why are your achievements so long?! 386
1,138 Wildboy Wiley Wildboy Wiley14,000 Achievements won and counting! 385
1,139 adamrulz adamrulzONE more level to 100% Snake Pass... 15 is TOUGH!! 384
1,140 Armstrong x360a Armstrong x360aUgh, my new wireless controller won't stay connected to my One even after the firmware update. Any help? 384
1,141 Tuschi TuschiHoly crap! Massive Indie sale! As if I had the time for all the things I want... 383
1,142 BudgetBallin360 BudgetBallin360The new Spider-Man movie was awesome! 383
1,143 Makke Makke 383
1,144 Fury87 Fury87 383
1,145 Shabobble ShabobbleBean Dive START! 383
1,146 luke turbo2010 luke turbo2010boost 383
1,147 iseedeadgamers iseedeadgamers 383
1,148 AGGY AggressoR AGGY AggressoR 382
1,149 Woodster 86 Woodster 86 382
1,150 Larvi Larvi 381
1,151 SHADOWxPHENIX SHADOWxPHENIXNot really playing much Xbox lately. May Sell my One for now til Scorpio arrives. 381
1,152 McAtee MADNESS McAtee MADNESSWow I am in the top 1% of the site that comes as a shock. 381
1,153 snipore sniporeWork really gets in the way of gaming. Too bad it is what pays for all the fun games though. 381
1,154 Ev3rything I Am Ev3rything I Am 381
1,155 NMANOZ NMANOZForza Horizon 3 is the TA GOTY Winner. 380
1,156 Octobot Super Octobot Super 380
1,157 Strykerz911 Strykerz911The backlog is real... 380
1,158 Latham Latham 380
1,159 turkeyfly turkeyflyBack to Gears 379
1,160 ZM3 ZM3 379
1,161 prokop prokopAnyone need a Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell coop partner? 360 and Xbox one. 378
1,162 Profilia Profilia 377
1,163 WOODY2211 WOODY2211 376
1,164 Xynvincible Xynvincible 376
1,165 MashedPeas11 MashedPeas11Would anyone be interested in boosting 'The Invincibles' achievement on FIFA 16? I'd rather do it with friends I trust. 375
1,167 Moody Cogsworth Moody CogsworthNarco Road DLC ... what a piece of crap 375
1,168 Tatl360 Tatl360 375
1,169 Silicon Iceman Silicon IcemanI don't usually do this but... "Silicon Iceman won 198 Achievements in 8 games, for a total of 15,882 TrueAchievement points (6,025 Gamerscore)." 374
1,170 Loguns RAW Loguns RAW 374
1,171 Quickdontdie QuickdontdieQuick warning: Deadcore is a glitchy mess and you shouldn't buy it 373
1,172 GsA UnReaLiZe GsA UnReaLiZeQuality over Quantity. 372
1,173 UK360 COMMANDO UK360 COMMANDOFree Premium tank coming soon on WoT. 372
1,174 Blazing Noble Blazing NobleI now have an XBOX1! My new gamer profile and tag is BlazingNobleKid. All friends add me on TA and XBOX. Thanks 372
1,175 Pra1s3Th3Sun Pra1s3Th3SunLooking to boost for BF: Hardline kills and Star Wars Battlefront achievements!! 372
1,176 Erik Seidel Erik SeidelI'm in Brazil until the end of April :) 372
1,177 lReigns lReignsJust finised the campaine for Gear of War 4. Just have to say about the ending: WTHF. Also playing The Division. 372
1,178 Gannon94 Gannon94 371
1,179 Danowat32 Danowat32 371
1,180 DS I FuRY I DS I FuRY I 371
1,181 NeekFu NeekFuSeriously 3.0 52/65 progress nice 370
1,182 NeoStrayCat NeoStrayCat 370
1,183 Chilli Thunder Chilli Thunder 369
1,184 x jjaldana 2 x x jjaldana 2 xGot around $300 from trading in some used games at GameStop :D 369
1,185 Ellusion no Ellusion noAC4 Black Flag is a mess. 369
1,186 ZombieMaze ZombieMazeIs it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's The Patriots! 369
1,187 poochz0rz poochz0rzFight Night 3 became a lot easier when I found out that you could just headbutt your opponent over and over. 369
1,188 dirtysock47 dirtysock47Need help with Band Hero, Borderlands, and WWE 2k16 co-op and MP 369
1,189 TiptopChrisy TiptopChrisyBought the Gears of War Xbox One S today. Brought it home and it doesn't work. Bloody outstanding ! 368
1,190 R3NEG4D3 R3NEG4D3 368
1,191 Geo2911 xBBx Geo2911 xBBxLP2 1000 Ta Ratio from 1.93 to 1.97 368
1,192 PrinceRules64 PrinceRules64Regret getting the TA app... real bad achievements in there, the Challenges one is practically unobtainable for me now 368
1,193 OdorlessFurball OdorlessFurballTekken 7 isn't fun at all. Avoid it. 367
1,194 Jess Stryker Jess StrykerI hate Jago... 367
1,195 xTCx xTCx 367
1,196 Benchem Benchemanyone looking for a partner to get to level 200 in Ryse? 367
1,197 WifelikeDrip WifelikeDrip 367
1,198 James12183 James12183PS3 owners; LittleBigPlanet Player Hearts needed any help would be appreciate. For lvl as well. 367
1,199 KingyOwl KingyOwlMy Games Wall:!AtZt-lGaZBr1kPJ3u7EGxeRev6_2Hw 367
1,200 Zinn Gravey Zinn GraveyMerry Christmas! 367