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401 Sonic Grunge Sonic GrungeCurrently working on: Fallout 4 & XCOM Enemy Unknown 1,109
402 TheGreatKoala TheGreatKoala 1,108
403 rocking23nf rocking23nfrocking23nf won 1,430 Achievements in 103 games, for a total of 61,559 TrueAchievement points (33,42 1,107
404 FFX Brotherhood FFX BrotherhoodNow I've 100%'ed ESO, tempted to move back on Killer Instinct 1,099
405 CONKER1182 CONKER1182 1,098
406 The Machine MRG The Machine MRG1513 in favour and 3 against. Couldn't be any clearer, Argentina. Now stop whinging 1,091
407 Maesenko MaesenkoToday marks 2 years since I moved to Japan. Happy Anniversary! 1,088
408 Jaggexedge Jaggexedge 1,081
409 wes coasn wes coasn 1,077
410 ThaHawka ThaHawkaHe disappeared without a trace. Several months in mysterious silence. But now is the time. The time, for my inevitable return! Let’s pop some CHEEVS! 1,067
411 WhataLumpV2 WhataLumpV2Try setting up a public lobby of Sniper Elite on 'Authentic Plus' difficulty. You'll encounter possibly the most clueless gamers you'll ever meet. 1,067
412 FierceMonkeyMan FierceMonkeyManWhat happened to the leaderboards message boards? 1,063
413 HabitualNewt HabitualNewtMinion quick/ easy to play....and free?? 1,062
414 DrMmmPie DrMmmPieTime for a annual contest Closed. Over. #Free 1,061
415 Chris8875 Chris8875Have to get back to FH4 1,053
416 mrbellek mrbellekThe hardest part of re-completing all your Minecraft games again, is downloading the bigass TU on the 360. 1,046
417 Scottish Husky Scottish HuskyCaved and decided to get Game Pass for PC. 1,043
418 K4rn4ge K4rn4geGears POP players: Anyone still looking for a crew to join? My friend made one & we are looking for more people to do the horde achievements. PM me. 1,042
419 South Park TFBW South Park TFBWWTF Treyarch?! 1,040
420 Grimslinger19 Grimslinger19Anyone know if you can use Xbox 360 gamerpics on the Xbox One? 1,038
421 Reabo Reabo33 Achievements till 99% completion! 1,035
422 Rusty Nail zh Rusty Nail zhI remember the times where Gamerscore actually meant something... 1,034
423 ALI900 ALI900Anyone can recommend me some Windows 10 games (XBL)? 1,033
424 HuGh1212 HuGh1212Hey you guise :) 1,030
425 JeDiMlnDTrlcks JeDiMlnDTrlcksIt's treason then 1,028
426 ronnie42 ronnie42 1,027
427 VoltFieber VoltFieber"Xbox, Go Home!" (I spy with my little Kinect-Eye^^) 1,026
428 xWEEDMAN 89x xWEEDMAN 89x 1,024
429 Cellar Attic Cellar AtticAnyone know if there is more DLC for AC: Odyssey coming, apart from what's already released? 1,022
430 CriticalRespawn CriticalRespawn 1,021
431 DCM7734 DCM7734I'm mostly playing my PS4 now, unless I'm playing with friends. 1,020
432 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterHey, developers, "skip" should mean "skip to player controlled action" not "skip to the next cutscene and await another skip request". 1,019
433 o Heres Jonny o o Heres Jonny oPSA Gears Pop currently has a glitched achievement. In a good way! Get 'Common Purpose' before it's patched. This will be hard when they fix it. 1,017
434 K1ck K1ckSo many breaking news 1,016
435 burnthelamb burnthelambSome of the items on your wishlist are going on sale! 1,015
436 Shel2theburne 1,013
437 is that Hydro is that Hydro92.79GB is NOT a fkn update! Its a two game download...! 1,013
438 Randomnutta RandomnuttaTell us what you're up to! 1,012
439 SoiledDoughnut SoiledDoughnut 1,010
440 KGI Klikopedia KGI KlikopediaSad that became a Ads Sell-Out. Result of only using PayPall? 1,009
441 paddycfc22 paddycfc22Need more time to game 1,005
442 Redd Five Redd Five 1,004
443 Chromium Stars Chromium StarsKH3 critical mode drops tonight wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1,004
444 KamhiX96 KamhiX96Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years 1,002
445 SinSTeRS DEVIL SinSTeRS DEVILLoveing metro exodus !! Awsome game 999
446 keoskey keoskeyWill be leaveing my paradise city lobby open all night feel free to come in and smash me for the rival's achievement 998
447 Darkness727420 Darkness727420166 achievements until 90 percent. WOO! 996
448 Petrolium Bear Petrolium BearWhat seems to be the Officer Problem? 994
449 Brock M Rambo Brock M RamboAuto completing DLC is like cheating on a test, I got a 100 percent and didn't have to do anything t 991
450 HingedMonster HingedMonsterE3 mixpot was a shower of shit this year. I got a trove pack... 986
451 PointySpred PointySpredWatchdogs is avaiable for free, a day or so early for anyone that cares. 986
452 ALollz ALollz 983
453 onnovdw onnovdwthey told me the classics never go out of style, but they do, they do 983
454 Drummin003 Drummin003What the hell happened in Halo: Reach to make it jump 150 TA points overnight? 983
455 o S0LIDUS o o S0LIDUS o 979
457 ljp0390 ljp0390 969
458 x iEvaNGeLioN x iEvaNGeLioNsnow dayyyyyy. i'm bored as. 360 wasn't last weekend cuz i got lazy. getting it soon doeeeeeee 969
459 CodeMonkeysGuy CodeMonkeysGuyForgot to keep up with checking Gears 4. Several new challenges to work on... 966
460 Knoell Knoell 965
461 Gleaming Cube Gleaming CubeThere is a potential Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone is interested? 964
462 neeker75 neeker75Portal Bridge Constructor Level 53 Convoy WTF 963
463 BROOKER 513 BROOKER 513Hand of Gods: Smite Tactics, servers shutting down. Msg me to play. 962
464 reforc3 reforc3Mixer: @ReForce I was there before NINJA made it mainstream 957
465 zJakey zJakeyheadspin 957
466 Catatonic Nali Catatonic NaliReally happy to see the backwards compatibility program finish with over 1/4 of ALL Xbox 360 games playable on XB1. Been a massive success in my view 953
467 Momiji Momiji 953
468 vikingbloodlust vikingbloodlustanyone need to get Far cry 4 co-op achievements? 950
469 THEpaynexkiller THEpaynexkillerBack doing what I love. 944
470 Judge JudgeI own the TrueAchievement clan on Gears POP...join and message me! 944
471 ll HYS7ERIA ll ll HYS7ERIA llAnyone Up for Halo and Gears 4 coop? 944
472 CanadianWhizKid CanadianWhizKidConsidering changing my gamertag... 940
473 ScottMacFreedom ScottMacFreedom 940
474 Lord Von Chimp Lord Von ChimpAnyone on my friends list wanna blast out Far Cry 4's MP achievement soon? Gonna set up a session in the next few days, just seeing who here wants in? 937
475 dlCHIEF58 dlCHIEF58August GwG: One - Gears of War 4, Forza 6 | 360: Torchlight, Castelvania: Lord of Shadow 937
476 boldfoxrd boldfoxrdAnyone need the online Guitar Hero 3 achievements? 935
477 Dancing Rob Dancing Rob 932
478 Zach Cooper FBI Zach Cooper FBIRocks are made of chicken. 931
479 V3ntilator V3ntilatorVentilating 930
480 Watty8883 Watty8883 929
481 Funnnkyyy Funnnkyyy 928
482 DeathGuard 123 DeathGuard 123Achievement unlocked, I became a dad! 927
483 I Null I I Null I 926
484 Dynasty Heroes Dynasty HeroesEnjoying Type-0 although there are a few annoyances 925
485 Sammler 360 Sammler 360Completion counter: #7 in 2017 - TED on 1st of May 923
486 zyxomma100 zyxomma100Pinball FX2: SF2 and Earth Defense done. Thor is still impossible. 923
487 splicegraph splicegraphI apologize for my absence. Been busy with work and obsessed with The Last of Us. 921
488 o EcLiipzE o EcLiipzEI "associate with trash" coming from the person who bullied a person that took their life. There are reasons most people dont like you 919
489 Hampshire Vegan Hampshire VeganTrying to wrap up some vanilla Destiny 2 stuff before October. Any help welcome. 918
490 T1TANMONKEY T1TANMONKEYR.I.P. Keith Flint =( 917
491 Da Mitch Man 90 Da Mitch Man 90I love it when people start football games and make my score go higher :-) 915
492 ParticleDuality ParticleDualityIs anyone else really behind on Smite achievements and want to try and knock some out with me? 915
493 Seven Clip Seven Clip 915
494 Mikokun MikokunVacation in a vacation. 914
495 tornprince2012 tornprince2012 913
496 Psymon100 Psymon100 912
497 tractakid tractakidproud to announce that I've upgraded from windows phone 7 to windows phone 8 910
498 BegFourMercy BegFourMercy 908
499 spankyNspronkle spankyNspronkleGoing to see if I can do Alien Hominid, Garou, Hue, InnerSpace & Manual Samuel from start to finish over the next 16 days. 907
500 GH05T SN1P3R 92 GH05T SN1P3R 92Reach Lvl 50 in GOW3 will not unlock even though i'm level 92. Any fixes? 906